How to Lose an A in 11 Ways

The college struggle is so real, especially when you’re trying to get good grades. But unless you’re an academic overachiever and ultimate scholar, you’re bound to make some mistakes along the way. We’ve all been there, so we may as well laugh about it now and save the tears for when we receive our transcripts. Below are some real truths that will make you say “same” because none of us are perfect.

1. Thinking you can have a social life, be well rested AND get good grades.

Loneliness and sleep deprivation is temporary, your GPA is forever.

2. Spending more time calculating your grade than studying for the exam.

And learning you only need a 227% on this test to get an A.

3. Cramming before a final because you didn’t bother to open your textbook all semester.

And being upset when you can’t remember anything during your exam.

4. Not revising your work before submitting.

Rough draft? Final draft.

5. Relying on the curve to save you on your test.

And then that one smart kid ruins it for everyone.

6. Not being organized.

If you ever think you don’t have anything to work on, you’re probably forgetting something.

7. Starting your paper the day it’s due.

*Trying to submit by 11:59pm*

8. Oversleeping and being late to class…again.

And having to do the awkward run/walk on the way there.

9. Not asking questions.

But still acting like you know the answers when you’re really confused AF.

10. Forgetting about homework over the weekend.

…and every other day.

11. Doing the bare minimum on a group project.

Two words: peer assessment.

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