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More About The Community for Accredited Online Schools

As online classes and coursework options grow, a high-quality college education has become more accessible than ever before. But not every school, college, or university that offers a flexible, digital learning program is equal. You may be able to study on your own time and from anywhere in the world, but there’s one important factor you’ll need to verify: accreditation.

At the Community for Accredited Online Schools, our primary focus is sharing information and resources on only the highest quality colleges and universities, whether they offer online, hybrid, or campus programs. We offer students a fact-based approach to college research paired with actionable advice from education experts and advisers, which makes choosing the highest quality college programs easier.

We also value transparency. While we do offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities to partner colleges and universities, we believe strongly in separating our content experience to maintain editorial integrity, as explained below.

How We Generate Revenue

The Community for Accredited Online Schools connects students with eligible schools that match the criteria they’re looking for within their college searches. Our college and university partners pay for this student referral service. Our users will find different tools and directories labeled explicitly as “advertising” or “sponsored” content across our site; these are where these partnership placements exist.

Any content outside of these explicitly labeled sections is created using our rigorous editorial process and never influenced by our partner schools.

Maintaining Our Editorial Integrity

Because quality is the primary pillar at the Community for Accredited Online Schools, we go to great lengths to maintain our editorial integrity. Our content production systems and contributors operate completely independently from our school partnership and sponsorship programs.

We take great care when developing the methodology for our proprietary and aggregated data, choosing our contributing experts, and evaluating the resources we include on our pages. This ensures that we provide a robust assortment of unbiased, data-backed, and expert-driven information. Our data sources include the National Center for Education Statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Georgetown Research Center on Education and the Workforce.

To rank top-quality schools, we evaluate accreditation standards at the national and regional levels alongside other quantitative and qualitative metrics, such as admission rates, completion and retention rates, and program costs. A school cannot pay to be featured in any of our rankings, and partner programs never receive preferential treatment within our rankings content.

For additional questions or to contact us about the Community for Accredited Online Schools, see our about us page.

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