Utah K-12 Online Schools

In Utah, supplemental learning is offered for some students from grades K-8, and for most students in grades nine to 12. Students in all grades, however, can take advantage of online learning offered through the Office of Education’s Statewide Online Education Program. Thanks to a mix of public, private and charter school options, the program now serves nearly 3,500 of Utah’s students, who take a range of courses, from fully-online, to hybrid. High school students can also enroll in Brigham Young University’s Independent Study Program, allowing them to earn transferrable elective college credits.

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Utah Online Colleges and Universities

Of Utah’s 20 colleges and universities, 15 are designated public institutions. The state’s technical college system consists of eight different regional campuses. Statewide, over 300 different courses are offered on a distance platform, brought to students from schools such as Utah State University, University of Utah, University of Phoenix (Utah Campus), ITT Technical Institution (Murray Campus), Stevens-Henager College and Eagle Gate College.

State Schools in Utah

Out of the 20 college and universities located in Utah, 15 of them are public, offering a wide selection of options for students seeking this type of education. Public universities in Utah include Utah State University and University of Utah.

Technical Colleges in Utah

Utah offers a public technical college system, Utah College of Applied Technology, for students who wish to pursue career-focused certificates. UCAT consists of eight regional applied college campuses throughout Utah and provide the option for attending college for a shorter time while learning via a targeted training plan. Educational options focus on careers, with subjects such as health care, business, finance, veterinary sciences, education and engineering.

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Private Colleges in Utah

In Utah, both for-profit and nonprofit higher education institutions come under the umbrella of private universities. These schools offer both two and four-year degrees, as well as many options in master’s and doctoral degrees and specialty diplomas. Brigham Young University is a well-known private Utah higher education institution.

Utah Online Colleges Spotlight

Utah State University

This Utah school offers one associate, eight bachelor’s, and five master’s degree programs online as well as hundreds of online courses each semester. Online learning encompasses over 70 programs, ranging from a minor in Spanish to a bachelor’s degree in family life studies to a master’s degree in career and technical education. Online classes are delivered in three formats – semester, condensed and open entry – to provide the most flexibility and convenience for students. Semester based courses follow the traditional school schedule, while condensed courses are offered in a 4- or 7-week timeline, and students must login daily to participate in discussions, group work and assignments set at designated times. Open entry courses offer the most flexibility by allowing students to begin a course at any time and complete assignments at their own pace, so long as they finish the course within 16 weeks. Students interested in only online courses can register through the school’s “quick admission” process, allowing them to immediately enroll in a course without formal admittance. Alternatively, undergraduate and graduate students must complete and submit their respective application and be formally accepted before they can begin their degree program.

For more information about online learning or to find out more about specific degree programs, visit: http://online.usu.edu/.

Southern Utah University

As a Utah school offering online degrees, SUU’s offerings are mostly offered at the master’s degree level. Programs available include accountancy, arts administration, education and public administration. SSU Online currently offers a bachelor’s degree in general studies and is slated to add a BS in management program as well as a master’s of business administration and Associate of Applied Science – paralegal. SUU’s online students pay the same tuition as on-campus students and are similarly eligible for financial aid. Online courses, however, are subject to an instructional technology fee.

For more information on current courses, programs, and degrees at SSU Online, visit: https://www.suu.edu/graduatestudies/.

Utah Valley University

UVI offers online learning programs in an effort to serve students in remote locations or those seeking flexible programs to help them balance school and other commitments while working towards higher education. Students pay the same tuition as those learning on campus and may be required to visit the campus or an approved location at some point to undertake proctored examinations. This option for online school in Utah offers three choices for online learning: the online model involves students accessing classes and resources via the internet, while the second alternative entails live interactive classes via video conferencing. The third option is a hybrid model which includes a mix of online and classroom meetings. Certain degree programs can be earned completely through UVU’s online education options, such as an associate or bachelor’s degree in aviation and a bachelor’s degree in emergency services administration management.

For information about Utah Valley University distance learning programs, visit: http://www.uvu.edu/de/

Salt Lake Community College

Although a brick and mortar institution, Salt Lake Community College offers students flexible online learning options. SLCC provides about 200 online courses and multiple degree and certificate programs to choose from. Online learning options include associate degree programs in criminal justice and sociology as well as individual classes in managerial accounting, exploration of art or introduction to Linux. Online courses are also available during the summer for personalized scheduling. SLCC gives students a variety of remote learning styles, including the hybrid model that incorporates some classroom instruction, or online delivery, which entails less than 10 percent of participation in person. Through the online learning platform, Canvas, students are able to attend class from anywhere and on most devices, including those using both Apple iOS and Android operating systems. Students of SLCC also have access to the online bookstore to arrange shipping or pickup, as well as purchase of e-books or textbook rental.

For more information on SLCC Online programs: http://www.slcc.edu/

Best Online Schools in Utah for 2015-2016

Score Student/teacher ratio Financial aid Cost more
1 Weber State University 99.09 20:1 82%

Students in almost every state can pursue a wide range of degrees - or simply take a course or two - on their own schedule through the distance-learning program. More than 82 percent of the faculty who teach online courses have achieved either a Ph.D., or the highest possible degree available in their field. With a 22:1 student/instructor ratio. The university has a generous credit transfer policy, so students can avoid repeating coursework from a different learning institution. Online coursework will be managed, submitted, assigned and completed through the canvas online learning system.

2 Westminster College 96.04 9:1 96%

Online students can learn at their own pace, complete coursework on their own schedule and enjoy all the other benefits of remote education. Distance learners, however, will also reap the rewards that can only come from face-to-face student/teacher relationships thanks to multimedia interactions. Students receive extra help from faculty mentors and are given the opportunity to build relationships with other learners, as well. Fast-track programs, which build on professional and educational experience students have already achieved, are available for some degree programs. Associate, bachelor's and master's degrees are all available with at least some online coursework.

3 Utah State University 94.88 21:1 81%

Online students have a large menu of options, with 18 degrees available to distance learners, including nine programs that result in bachelor's degrees. Like many schools, the university offers an orientation to online students who aren't sure what to expect. Utah State, however, crafts the orientation to meet the needs of the individual. Orientation can be as long or short as the student chooses, and if a potential applicant doesn't want to complete the orientation in one sitting, he or she may save, log out and then finish later. The orientation will guide students through enrollment and acclimate them with the systems they will use.

4 Southern Utah University 93.57 21:1 88%

Students have the option of several bachelor's and master's degrees as well as an associate degree and a range of general education classes. The online education delivery system is the popular Canvas platform, which students will use to receive and submit assignments, communicate with professors and peers, and to manage coursework. It is recommended that students contact instructors to determine if any supplementary course materials are required. Online students will follow the same schedule and semester format as their counterparts taking traditional classes on campus. Distance learners have access to both technical support and educational mentoring.

5 Western Governors University 87.32 41:1 100%

Western Governors University offers many degrees online, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students can earn bachelor's degrees in everything from mathematics to nursing. Teacher licensure is available at the post-baccalaureate level. Endorsements in English language learning and educational leadership are also available. At the graduate level, students can earn master's degrees in everything from elementary education to information security and assurance. There's even an online MBA program. Online students have mentors and access to an online library. Western Governors University also emphasizes competency over credit-hour completion, letting students earn credits for knowledge and on-the-job work.

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Best Online Colleges and Universities in Utah

Best for Future Service Members

Post-secondary education in Utah boasts a wide range of programs and degree tracks for their students and some of these also excel at providing opportunities for students looking to serve their countries. These online schools in Utah enable students to further their education while also being part of Reserved Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) programs. Each school listed below provides access to at least two ROTC branches, including Army, Navy and/or Air Force. Well done to the following online schools in Utah for successfully combining quality education with the best opportunities for civic-minded students.

Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
Weber State University $3,961 Ogden Yes Yes Yes
University of Utah $6,201 Salt Lake City Yes Yes Yes
Utah Valley University $4,122 Orem Yes No Yes
Utah State University $4,676 Logan Yes No Yes
Brigham Young University-Provo $4,710 Provo Yes No Yes

Best for Personal Attention

In 1888, Utah created its first college under a law signed by President Lincoln during the Civil Law. The Agricultural College of Utah is now called Utah State and other four-year colleges and universities around the state offer a wide selection of top-notch post-secondary degrees. The schools that made our list, most with over 5,000 students, offer academic excellence without sacrificing individual attention. Each has a student ratio below 20 to 1.

Snow College 20 to 1 5,409 $2,696 Public Ephraim
Southern Utah University 20 to 1 14,607 $4,960 Public Cedar City
University of Utah 14 to 1 30,765 $6,201 Public Salt Lake City
Westminster College 10 to 1 2,916 $27,720 Private not-for-profit Salt Lake City

Best for Women in Technology

Though Utah has attracted large tech companies for decades, even more companies have been flocking to the state in recent years. In 2006, the state launched the Utah Science and Technology Research Initiative, investing millions in improving university STEM programs. The online schools in Utah listed here have focused and given resources to female students in the technology and engineering programs. These schools are set apart because they offer mentorship programs and gender parity in the classroom, and in the case of traditional settings, all-female dormitories—all things that could make an enormous impact on a student’s success.

Brigham Young University-Provo $4,710 Provo 134 30,070 Private Not for Profit
Weber State University $4,768 Ogden 106 11,756 Public
University of Utah $7,139 Salt Lake City 92 22,625 Public
Western Governors University $6,070 Salt Lake City 70 30,970 Private Not for Profit
Utah State University $5,940 Logan 67 15,618 Public
Utah Valley University $4,786 Orem 9 17,200 Public
Dixie State University $4,089 Saint George 5 5,473 Public

Best Schools Fighting for Families

Utah’s social work programs can assist students in their goal of serving young people and families. Due to an increased demand in health care and social services, social workers are more in-demand than ever. Direct-service social workers help protect vulnerable families and children, develop strategies to help students who have problems in school, and help those with illness understand their diagnosis and make changes to their lifestyle. Mental health and substance abuse social workers, also called clinical social workers, mostly work to diagnose those with mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. While clinical social workers must have a master’s degree, many positions only require a bachelor’s degree in social work or a related field. These online schools in Utah are well prepared to help students seeking to work in this worthwhile field the education necessary to succeed.

University of Utah Salt Lake City 394 272 122 $7,139 22,625
Utah State University Logan 170 137 33 $5,940 15,618
Brigham Young University-Provo Provo 145 98 47 $4,710 30,070
Weber State University Ogden 66 51 15 $4,768 11,756
Westminster College Salt Lake City 11 8 3 $28,210 2,728
Southern Utah University Cedar City 10 9 1 $5,576 5,681