Maryland K-12 Online Schools

Though all local school systems in the state of Maryland are serviced by online courses through Maryland Virtual Learning Opportunities, there are no fully-online schools for K-12 students in the state. During the 2013-14 term, more than 4,800 course enrollments were completed by students in 24 school systems; all courses were either developed locally or offered through approved vendors. Legislation passed in 2010 allowed school districts to ask for permission to create a virtual public school, but as of 2014, no district has exercised this option. However, for the last two years the state’s governor has budgeted $3.5 million for the Digital Learning Innovation Fund, in the hopes of spurring more online learning in school systems across the state.

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National Connections Academy K - 12 Baltimore Both Live/On-Demand Private (800) 382-6010
Griggs High School Online 9 - 12 Silver Spring On-Demand/Asynchronous Private (800) 782-4769
Online School for Girls 9 - 12 Bethesda On-Demand/Asynchronous Private (301) 842-4674

Maryland Online Colleges and Universities

Most public and private institutions in Maryland offer some type of distance education, from online courses to full Web-based degree programs. The public University of Maryland System offers a particularly robust catalog of online options, but programs and disciplines vary widely from one campus to the next. The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has more than 100 online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and even more individual courses. Several community colleges offer online courses and degrees, as do private institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University or the several targeted career colleges in the state.

Community Colleges in Maryland

College of Southern Maryland 8730 Mitchell Rd La Plata +
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Public Colleges in Maryland

Maryland’s public institutions include a sizeable network of two-year community colleges, along with the massive University of Maryland System, which manages several four-year and graduate-level research universities. Community colleges offer a mix of specialized career certificates and transfer-geared associate degrees in a diversity of majors. Some are large enough to warrant multiple campuses, like Community College of Baltimore and Montgomery College. The University of Maryland, the state’s largest public system, serves hundreds of thousands of students each year online or through 12 distinct campuses, plus several more satellite centers. Total graduate enrollments alone exceed 80,000. Several of these programs, such as the University of Maryland College Park and the flagship University of Maryland University College, consistently earn high national and regional rankings.

Private Colleges in Maryland

Maryland is home to several independent colleges and universities, but they vary considerably in size and focus. The renowned John Hopkins University is the largest nonprofit institution in the state, followed by Loyola University and Notre Dame University of Maryland. St. John’s College in Annapolis, founded in the late 1600s, is one of America’s oldest institutions. Maryland also offers a handful of religiously affiliated private institutions and for-profit career colleges. Private colleges in general tend to be more expensive than their public counterparts, but they remain a popular option for students seeking a certain prestige, special program or distinct campus vibe. Some of Maryland’s online schools are privately operated institutions.

Maryland Online Colleges Spotlight

Anne Arundel Community College

Maryland’s Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) offers several online learning options. Students can pursue 100 percent online associate degrees in areas like business management, computer science, financial accounting, computer technology or an online business management certificate, with concentrations in advertising/marketing, database administration or human resources. Although courses can be completed online, students take proctored exams at an approved testing site. Students living near AACC have access to a number of additional hybrid courses, which combine online and on-campus study.

AACC offers a number of online support services, like personalized tutoring and extensive library resources. Online courses are delivered through Canvas, a virtual classroom that hosts all materials and activities. To use Canvas, online students need a Mac or PC with an adequate Internet connection. Because most courses include conferences and audio/video presentations, computers should be capable of running Java and Flash Player.

To learn more about specific degree programs, visit AACC’s Virtual Campus at

University of Maryland University College

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is the largest online school in Maryland; more than 200,000 students enrolled in online courses in 2013. UMUC’s military-friendly policies, such as in-state tuition for active duty military, make it a leading provider of online education to U.S. service members around the world. Nearly 100 online degrees and programs are offered at UMUC, including undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs in business and management, liberal arts and communications, education and teaching, and information technology.

Although UMUC’s online admissions requirements vary by program and credential, all undergraduate programs require at least a high school diploma or GED. Graduate applicants need a bachelor’s degree and passing scores on the GRE or GMAT, depending on the program.

UMUC’s online courses used to be accessible only through the WebTycho learning system, but many programs have since transitioned to the Learning Experience Online (LEO) system. The LEO virtual classroom allows students to track assignments and deadlines, review lectures via smartphone or tablet, and access enhanced progress and performance tools.

Visit UMUC for more information on distance learning options at

University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore (UB) is a public institution offering five online degree programs, including a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degrees in public administration, global leadership and business administration.

Most of UB’s online programs are offered in an asynchronous format, meaning students can access materials and lectures whenever it’s convenient, as long as they meet all assignment and exam deadlines. Only UB’s online master’s degree is synchronous, requiring students to participate in course activities on a set schedule. Hybrid and Web-assisted courses are also available, combining online and classroom-based learning.

UB’s online programs are hosted by the Sakai learning management system. While most programs have fully-online courses, some include electives courses that are not available online. Admission requirements vary, and most applicants will need to submit GMAT scores for the online MBA program that is offered in partnership with Towson University.

To learn more about UB’s online programs, visit UB Online at

4 Year Online Colleges in Maryland

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School Type
Degree Levels
10 Results
Frostburg State University Public 101 Braddock Road Frostburg +
University of Maryland-Baltimore County Public 1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore +
Washington Adventist University Private not-for-profit 7600 Flower Ave Takoma Park +
Coppin State University Public 2500 West North Avenue Baltimore +
McDaniel College Private not-for-profit 2 College Hill Westminster +
University of Baltimore Public Charles at Mount Royal Baltimore +
University of Maryland-University College Public 3501 University Blvd East Adelphi +
Capitol College Private not-for-profit 11301 Springfield Rd Laurel +
University of Maryland-College Park Public College Park +
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Best Online Colleges and Universities in Maryland

Best for Future Service Members

The United States Naval Academy, Andrews Air Force Base and Fort Meade are just some of the facilities that have made Maryland home to one of the largest active-duty and veteran service member populations in the nation. Online education can be tremendously helpful for military students and families who do not want their studies sidelined by deployments and relocations, but online schools in Maryland do much more to support the men and women of the Armed Forces. They may offer special scholarships, tuition discounts, academic tutoring, transition support and programs that award college credit for military training. Several of these colleges have earned official military-friendly distinctions and high rankings on lists like U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Schools for Veterans. The following are some of the best online schools in Maryland for military service members and their families.

Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
Towson University$5,660 Towson Yes No Yes
University of Maryland-Baltimore County$7,085 Baltimore Yes No Yes
University of Maryland-College Park$7,175 College Park Yes No Yes

Best for Personal Attention

Online schools in Maryland make higher education accessible to thousands of students, some of whom live in remote areas or must work to offset tuition and living costs. The freedom to report to a computer instead of a classroom is what makes distance learning so valuable, but some students worry they’ll get lost in the digital shuffle.

There are a number of ways that online schools preserve personalization and interactivity. Some strategically integrate technologies that boost collaboration, like video conferencing, online discussion boards and cloud-based project management tools. Programs that allow students to stream lectures and ask questions in real-time enhance interactivity. Virtual office hours and low student-to-instructor ratios also ensure that online students get the individual feedback and support they need to succeed. The online schools in Maryland earn high marks for providing this type of personalized learning experience.

University of Baltimore 20 to 1 3,882$5,818 Public Baltimore
University of Maryland-Baltimore County 20 to 1 11,929$7,085 Public Baltimore
University of Maryland-University College 19 to 1 44,009$6,024 Public Adelphi
Ner Israel Rabbinical College 18 to 1 396$9,700 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
University of Maryland-College Park 18 to 1 31,229$7,175 Public College Park
Salisbury University 17 to 1 8,679$5,576 Public Salisbury
Towson University 17 to 1 20,222$5,660 Public Towson
Coppin State University 16 to 1 4,001$3,854 Public Baltimore
University of Maryland Eastern Shore 16 to 1 4,295$4,493 Public Princess Anne
Stevenson University 16 to 1 4,498$23,562 Private not-for-profit Stevenson
Bowie State University 16 to 1 5,063$4,683 Public Bowie
Frostburg State University 16 to 1 5,273$5,464 Public Frostburg
Washington Adventist University 14 to 1 1,504$18,900 Private not-for-profit Takoma Park
Mount St Mary’s University 14 to 1 1,963$32,224 Private not-for-profit Emmitsburg
Morgan State University 14 to 1 7,476$4,676 Public Baltimore
Washington Bible College-Capital Bible Seminary 13 to 1 323$11,147 Private not-for-profit Lanham
Loyola University Maryland 13 to 1 3,983$41,026 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
Capitol College 12 to 1 447$20,976 Private not-for-profit Laurel
Notre Dame of Maryland University 12 to 1 1,506$29,850 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
Washington College 12 to 1 1,562$39,208 Private not-for-profit Chestertown
Hood College 12 to 1 1,567$31,840 Private not-for-profit Frederick
McDaniel College 11 to 1 1,940$35,800 Private not-for-profit Westminster
St Mary’s College of Maryland 11 to 1 2,060$12,245 Public St. Mary's City
National Labor College 10 to 1 1,430$9,750 Private not-for-profit Silver Spring
Maryland Institute College of Art 10 to 1 2,400$37,900 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
United States Naval Academy 10 to 1 4,605N/A Public Annapolis
Goucher College 9 to 1 1,519$37,072 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
Johns Hopkins University 9 to 1 6,895$43,390 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
Yeshiva College of the Nations Capital 8 to 1 51$9,500 Private not-for-profit Silver Spring
Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary 8 to 1 87$4,470 Private not-for-profit Capitol Heights
St John’s College 8 to 1 502$44,554 Private not-for-profit Annapolis
University of Maryland-Baltimore 8 to 1 898$7,498 Public Baltimore
Sojourner-Douglass College 7 to 1 1,831$7,720 Private not-for-profit Baltimore
St Mary’s Seminary & University 6 to 1 4$16,460 Private not-for-profit Baltimore

Best for Women in Technology

Maryland’s highly educated workforce and government connections make it a magnet for tech jobs, and the higher-than-average employment rates and earnings that often come with them. Unfortunately, a persistent gender disparity means women are far less likely to benefit from this trend. Several studies have traced that gap all the back to the classroom, virtual or otherwise.

Some online schools in Maryland shine when it comes to attracting, supporting and retaining young women in tech. They may host mentorship programs linking young women with more experienced students and professionals, or staff more women instructors who can serve as role models. Professional and student organizations, like the Society of Women Engineers, can give these students a sense of community, especially if they have a strong online presence or help Web-based students attend conferences and networking events. Special scholarships, optional on-site or online seminars, and virtual career fairs can also help. Which programs do the most for next generation of women in tech? These online schools in Maine earn gold stars for supporting these young students while offering top-notch degrees in engineering, computer science and other high-tech fields.

Johns Hopkins University$43,390 Baltimore 449 13,094 Private Not for Profit
University of Maryland-College Park$8,908 College Park 222 32,233 Public
Towson University$8,132 Towson 140 16,856 Public
University of Maryland-University College$6,384 Adelphi 137 5,890 Public
Bowie State University$6,639 Bowie 58 4,071 Public
University of Maryland-Baltimore County$9,764 Baltimore 56 10,187 Public
United States Naval AcademyN/A Annapolis 50 4,576 Public
Morgan State University$7,012 Baltimore 35 6,688 Public
Loyola University Maryland$42,430 Baltimore 23 4,537 Private Not for Profit
Stevenson University$25,310 Stevenson 20 3,300 Private Not for Profit
University of Baltimore$7,646 Baltimore 14 3,400 Public
University of Maryland-BaltimoreN/A Baltimore 13 5,028 Public
Salisbury University$7,700 Salisbury 10 7,602 Public
University of Maryland Eastern Shore$6,713 Princess Anne 7 3,901 Public

Best Schools Fighting for Families

Social work is the type of field that can have a largely positive impact on families and communities, but only for those who have been properly trained. These budding community helpers benefit from educations that balance high-quality instruction with practical, hands-on experience in the field. Not all schools do this well, especially in a Web-based environment. Online schools in Maryland offer several respectable courses and degrees in areas like counseling, sociology and public service, but when it comes to giving students the kind of special scholarships, career and networking support, and community-based internship experiences that can really help them succeed, the following schools stand well above the rest.

University of Maryland-Baltimore Baltimore 460 419 41 N/A 5,028
Salisbury University Salisbury 183 165 18 $7,700 7,602
University of Maryland-Baltimore County Baltimore 177 137 40 $9,764 10,187
University of Maryland-College Park College Park 149 93 56 $8,908 32,233
Morgan State University Baltimore 131 99 32 $7,012 6,688
Bowie State University Bowie 126 93 33 $6,639 4,071
Frostburg State University Frostburg 55 41 14 $7,436 4,606
Coppin State University Baltimore 51 40 11 $6,065 2,523
University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne 42 33 9 $6,713 3,901
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore 39 26 13 $43,390 13,094
Hood College Frederick 32 25 7 $32,300 1,427
McDaniel College Westminster 28 14 14 $35,800 1,747
University of Maryland-University College Adelphi 25 10 15 $6,384 5,890
Sojourner-Douglass College Baltimore 17 15 2 $7,920 908
Goucher College Baltimore 16 13 3 $37,640 1,592
St Mary’s College of Maryland St. Mary's City 14 8 6 $14,773 1,931
Mount St Mary’s University Emmitsburg 12 5 7 $32,954 1,926
Loyola University Maryland Baltimore 8 6 2 $42,430 4,537
Washington College Chestertown 7 5 2 $39,944 1,477