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Smartphones are everywhere and can do nearly anything, especially on college campuses. In 2014, over 85% of college students had a smartphone and that percentage has likely grown. Fortunately, app development has kept pace and for almost every student need, there’s an app for that. Continue reading to learn about some of the best apps for college students in every category, from budgeting to dorm decorating to study help.

Budgeting & Money Management

College is a time for growing and building towards the future, but unfortunately it’s also a financially difficult time for many people. In fact, over one fifth of the US population has some form of education debt. While debt may be unavoidable for some students, new apps exist that can help lighten the financial burden, pay down student loans and even squirrel away money for the more fun parts of college life.

I used Tip Yourself to save up for a Nintendo Switch. Having the money in a separate account meant that I didn’t keep dipping into it for pizza night, and slowly saving up the money as rewards meant I didn’t even feel guilty for buying the Switch.

Clarissa Stevens, Urban Studies University of Washington, Tacoma

Campus Safety

College campuses work to keep students safe, and those efforts have expanded to include smartphone apps. People often have a smartphone within easy reach, so communities and campuses can use them to alert students and faculty in case of an emergency. Students can likewise notify police on- and off-campus quickly through safety apps, or check in with friends and family members about plans and destinations.

I have BSafe, and honestly I’ve never really used it. I feel safer just having it on my phone though, like if I’m walking home late at night.

Teuila Santos, Political Science: Public Policy & Law Seattle Pacific University

Decorating Your Dorm Room

Living on-campus is beneficial to students and is even related to better GPAs and academic performance. A dorm room isn’t a home-away-from-home without personal touches, though, so keep reading to learn about the apps that can help students decorate, furnish and love their dorms.

I furnished almost my entire apartment with Freecycle & Trash Nothing. I got a daybed, a regular-bed, a dresser and even a cat. I don’t think cats are usually on Freecycle though.

Katt Fillmore, CNC Machining Pima Community College

Finding & Living with Roommates

For many students, college is full of new experiences, including living with people they have never met before. This can be challenging on a variety of levels, but ultimately having a roommate helps students learn social skills vital to their adult life. Explore the apps below to find new tools for finding roommates and living with them.

I really recommend Chorma. It helps you track and assign household chores. My roommates and I can be very messy so we definitely need the help.

Fattan Taqvi, Geology Humboldt State University

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness apps are a convenient way to monitor and motivate diet and exercise, and people who currently use exercise apps are even more likely to have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) than past users and non-users. Creating a health routine can be difficult, especially for college students, but luckily there are dozens of apps geared towards helping users plan and meet health goals

I would recommend JeFit. This app has different workouts, a lot of which you can do from home, that help target certain areas. You can also build custom workouts and set reminders throughout the day.

Denise Presley, Nursing Cochise College

I recommend MyFitnessPal. It has been really helpful for controlling my eating, weight, and fitness.

Zachary Jones, Computer Information Systems Pima Community College

Scholarships & Saving Money on School

College is expensive and can be impossible for some to afford without student loans. In fact, 70% of recent college graduates had student debt in 2015. Although debt can be hard to avoid altogether, students can find scholarships and other ways to help offset the cost of higher education.

Studying & Note Taking

Classes are the central part of the college experience and require a lot of time and dedication. Earning good grades and a high GPA is difficult, but some of the following apps might make that a little easier.

Quizlet! This app is a study-life saver because it allows you to create your own flashcards for any class/subject all on your phone anytime you need them. It’s also super eco friendly since you’re not using paper to create the flashcards.

Lauren Nuñez, Communications University of Arizona

Time Management & Planning

College students may find themselves in charge of their schedules like never before. The workload is likely heavier and harder to plan as well. Continue reading to find some apps that help prevent scheduling stress and procrastination so you can focus on your studies and earn that degree.

I recommend Hatch and Forest. They really help me say off my phone so I can focus on my assignments, not to mention the little Hatch monsters are absolutely adorable.

Alexia Lopez, Creative Writing and Mathematics University of Arizona

Professional Development

Whether a summer internship or a post-graduation career, jobs can be difficult to find and even more difficult to land. Continue reading to learn about apps that can help students and recent graduates find jobs, create impressive resumes and make a good first impression for the fateful interview.

I use Resume Star. I wasn’t taught how to make a resume in school and when I realized I needed one I didn’t know exactly how to start. Resume Star showed me what sort of things to include on a resume and how to format one.

Devon Van Aken, Surgical Technology Pima Community College

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