LPN Programs in Louisiana

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Qualified licensed practical nurses are needed across the state of Louisiana. According to a report from the Louisiana Center for Nursing, the state will experience a shortage of LPNs through 2020 in a number of locations including Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Research found that the most difficult LPN positions to fill were in psych hospitals, long term care/skilled nursing facilities, and home health; however, a number of vacancies are expected in almost every nursing area. With this shortage comes opportunity for those interested in launching a career as an LPN. If you’re thinking about exploring this field further, this guide will walk you through state licensing requirements, take a look at Louisiana’s LPN salary and employment landscape, and provide a search tool to help those who are ready to start browsing LPN programs in Louisiana find the best match.

Top LPN Programs in Louisiana

Methodology +
Lpn Programs

The top LPN programs listed in this state's ranking were determined by comparison of three primary, equally-weighted criteria including

  • Student-to-faculty ratio
  • In-state tuition
  • Graduation rate

Additional details for each school were included:

  • Count of programs available
  • Public and not-for-profit schools
  • Normalized on a 100 percent curve

The methodology used for tie-break is as follows...

  • Ties are broken based on lowest average net price for full-time, first-time undergraduates paying in-state tuition (average cost of tuition and expenses after grants and scholarships).
  • If necessary, the lowest in-state tuition rate is used as a second tie-break
Rank School Name Score Tuition Student/Teacher ratio Graduation Rate
1 Central Louisiana Technical Community College 99 $$$$$ 17:1 72%
2 South Central Louisiana Technical College-Young Memorial Campus 98 $$$$$ 18:1 59%
3 Northwest Louisiana Technical College 95 $$$$$ 24:1 43%
4 Northshore Technical Community College 94.67 $$$$$ 21:1 31%
5 Our Lady of the Lake College 94 $$$$$ 18:1 31%
6 Sowela Technical Community College 93.33 $$$$$ 23:1 37%
7 Fletcher Technical Community College 92.67 $$$$$ 20:1 12%
8 River Parishes Community College 92.33 $$$$$ 27:1 17%
9 South Louisiana Community College 92.33 $$$$$ 26:1 22%
10 Nunez Community College 92.33 $$$$$ 23:1 12%
11 Delgado Community College 91.67 $$$$$ 19:1 11%
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Louisiana LPN Program Search Tool

LPN programs in Louisiana have become a staple of the state's community and technical college systems. Such programs offer rigorous, state-approved education and training to prepare the next generation of practical nurses for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam and also for the increasing demands of a changing and expanding healthcare industry. Finding the LPN program that best matches your needs, however, requires searching through – and comparing – the numerous options offered from school to school. The search tool below has been designed to help prospective practical nursing students do just that:

Degree Level
School Type
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Steps for Licensure in Louisiana

Licensing of LPNs in Louisiana is overseen by the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners. This section offers information on the state’s requirements for initial licensure and renewal.

Basic Eligibility

  • Be of good moral character
  • Provide proof of graduation from a state-approved practical nursing program
  • Successfully submit the application form and pay a $100 initial license fee
  • Take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Practical Nurses

Mandatory Training and Education

Louisiana requires all LPNs practicing within its borders to have graduated from an approved LPN diploma or degree program that includes both classroom education and supervised clinical experience in patient care. Such programs tend to last about one year and coursework will include subjects such as nursing fundamentals, basic pharmacology, basic nutrition, physiology, and medical/surgical nursing. Students should confirm that any LPN programs under consideration are fully accredited by the state and that graduation from the program qualifies them to sit for the NCLEX-PN examination. The Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners provides a current list of approved PN programs in the state.

Additional Requirements and Fees

  • Write the first scheduled examination following program completion
  • Complete a refresher course, if a passing grade on the examination is not attained within the first four years of program completion
  • An applicant from another state who is already licensed can obtain an LPN Louisiana license if: 1) the current LPN license is current 2) he or she meets the other requirements for licensure in Louisiana; and 3) he or she completes all necessary forms for application and pays the specified fee.
  • A temporary permit to practice as an LPN may be issued to a graduate of a practical nursing program in Louisiana if: 1) the individual’s application for licensure by examination has been completed and submitted, along with payment of the appropriate fees, and the application is approved by the board; and, 2) the applicant’s transcript is submitted by his or her school, and the transcript is approved by the board. Any temporary permit issued will expire eight weeks from issuance, the date of full licensure, or on the date of receipt of notice of failure of the LPN exam, whichever comes first.

Louisiana Renewal Process

All Louisiana LPN licenses expire on January 31 of each year and must be renewed annually on or before that date. Renewal requires timely submission of an application and payment of the $50 renewal fee. There are no Continuing Education requirements for LPN license renewal in Louisiana, although some employers may require CEs as a condition of continued employment.

Failure to renew one’s LPN license will result in assessment of a late fee to be paid along with the normal renewal fee. Licenses that are delinquent for one or more years will be subject to payment of all fees for the years of delinquency.

LPN Earnings in LA

How much any individual LPN will earn in Louisiana depends on several factors including geographic location, job title and responsibilities, specific employer, and experience. The tables below provide salary information for practical nurses in Louisiana.

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Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

LPN Employment Outlook in LA

Salary amounts do not offer an accurate indication of job concentration for LPNs in Louisiana, and while strong job growth is forecast for nurses in the state for the next several years, that does not mean that growth will be distributed evenly throughout its regions. The following data provide a closer look at where LPN job growth is expected to be the strongest, and also offers more detailed insight into the field.

Top Locations for Employment

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