Colleges in Cleveland

Cuyahoga Community College, or Tri-C as it is often called, serves the educational needs of Cleveland’s residents. It is recognized as the oldest and largest public community college in Ohio. More than 52,000 students take advantage of Tri-C’s 140 career and technical programs, 1,000 credit and 600 non-credit courses a year. Tri-C offers day, evening and weekend classes in addition to classes over the television, the Internet, and as independent study. Throughout the school's numerous campuses, students have access to a variety of career training options. Tri-C hosts associate degree and certificate programs in fields like baking, industrial technology, international business and dental hygiene. Tri-C has an additional division called Corporate College, which delivers professional training and development courses to Ohio’s businesses, organizations and individuals.

Cleveland State University is Cleveland’s only public university. The school promotes a philosophy of engaged learning, which strategically ties into Cleveland’s larger commitment to improve the attainability of higher education in the city. Faculty at the institution seek to engage students in the classroom as well as in the community. CSU comprises over 200 programs, with 17,000 students spread across eight campuses. CSU's curriculum spans fields including business administration, education, human services and urban affairs. As the school gains increasing recognition, its incoming freshman classes have increased by over 20 percent.

Cleveland provides more private educational options than public ones, with a number of institutions that offer a range of courses. Notre Dame College, for example, is a private, Catholic, four-year institution located just outside of Cleveland, with associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in diverse fields such as early childhood education, international business and biology. With an annual tuition of $26,334, the school is more expensive than either CSU or Cleveland’s community college system. In addition to more conventional institutions, the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Music offer arts programs drawing inspiration from the city's cultural diversity.

Below is a glance at a few of Cleveland’s colleges and universities, both public and private.

Colleges and universities in Cleveland

Institution Type Training/Degrees Offered
Cleveland State University Public Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, PhD, JD, graduate certificate
John Carroll University Private Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, MBA, certificate, post-master’s studies
Cleveland Institute of Art Private Associate and bachelor’s degrees, diplomas
Cleveland Institute of Music Private Bachelor’s of Music, Professional Studies, Artist’s Diploma, PhD of Music
Notre Dame College Private Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, graduate certificates
Case Western Reserve University Private Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, PhD, JD, MD
Ursuline College Private Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, PhD, Adult Accelerated Degree Program
Bryant-Stratton College Private Associate and bachelor’s degrees, certificates

Online Colleges in Cleveland

Cleveland has sought to increase the accessibility of higher education by hosting a number of online learning platforms. Cleveland State University provides The Center for eLearning, which has more than 500 courses for undergraduate, graduate and certificate students. Subjects range from engineering and nursing to business and education. Students can choose between either online or blended courses. Distance learning options allow students to complete their chosen program online with professor-student communication conducted using online platform tools. In contrast, blended courses require face-to-face meetings with faculty at intervals throughout the semester. Ursuline College has created a similar program with 50 web-based and hybrid classes.

Cuyahoga Community College has a wide range of online options. Not only does the school provide online and blended courses, but it also encourages students to participate in "Webenhanced" studies and Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs. Webenhanced courses use a variety of technology platforms to enrich the learning experience. MOOCs are free of charge and open to everyone, whether or not they are enrolled in the school system.

Not all of Cleveland’s schools have quite as extensive a menu of online options. Case Western Reserve University, for example, has two online degree programs: a Master of Science in Social Administration and a Master of Laws degree in Business Law. The school's Master of Science in Social Administration is the ninth-ranked social work program in the nation.

Top Industries, Careers and Employers

Cleveland’s location on Lake Erie has made the city an important business center. As is true in much of northeast Ohio, manufacturing has been one of the central industries. The city produces automobile parts, machine tools, iron, steel, chemicals and paints among other goods. In more recent years, however, there has been a considerable amount of growth in the service sector. The city is the headquarters for a number of large firms, including Fortune 500 companies, as well as several polymer producers, which has led the city to be known as Polymer Valley.

The list of Fortune 500 companies in Cleveland includes Eaton, Parker Hannifin, Sherwin Williams, KeyCorp and Cliffs Natural Resources. In 2003, the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) was created through a merger of the Greater Cleveland Growth Association, Cleveland Tomorrow and the Greater Cleveland Roundtable. The GCP offers businesses in the area a number of incentives and job training programs.


Major employers in the Cleveland area

Company Number of Employees
Cleveland Clinic Health System 41,011
The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies 9,139
Swagelok Company 3,735
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 3,200
Sherwin Williams Company 3,134

Cleveland is the base for many science and engineering companies, which have supported the growth of biotechnology and biomedical industries. There are currently over 100 biotech firms and research facilities in northeastern Ohio. Many of the local universities support these industries by providing training programs in the field of bioscience.

Colleges & Universities in Cleveland

Colleges & Universities in Cleveland

Cleveland State University 21,717 $8,952 Public
Case Western Reserve University 10,586 $38,760 Not For Profit (Private)
Notre Dame College 2,552 $24,002 Not For Profit (Private)
Remington College-Cleveland Campus 1,076 $16,385 Not For Profit (Private)
Cleveland Institute of Art 546 $31,760 Not For Profit (Private)

Community Colleges and Vocational Schools in Cleveland

Cuyahoga Community College District 46,854 $3,554 Public

Online Colleges in Cleveland