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Updated July 13, 2023
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The US Department of Health and Human Services expects a surplus of 290 licensed practical nurses in Wyoming by 2025, which may mean competition for those looking to work as an LPN in the state. As a result, proper education and training is crucial for anyone who wants to land an offer at one of the state’s hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, or health care facilities that employ nurses.

The following guide can help prospective students start off on the right foot – here they can find and explore top LPN programs in Wyoming, get step-by-step information on state licensure requirements, and use comprehensive search tools to compare their top choices.

Licensure Requirements for Wyoming LPNs

All state nursing boards in the U.S. require practical nurses to be licensed to practice, but the licensing process varies depending on the state. Many states are moving to online licensing. Wyoming State Board of Nursing (WSBN) is paperless, so licenses and temporary permits can be verified online. Because Wyoming is not a Compact Licensure state, all LPNs must apply for licensure through the WSBN. The next section examines the licensure and renewal process in Wyoming.

Requirements for Education & Training

Applicants for LPN licensure in Wyoming must have completed a state-approved nursing program and have committed no acts which are grounds for disciplinary action. Nursing schools must submit transcripts directly to the WSBN as part of the Application for Licensure by Examination.

Nurses holding licenses from other states may apply for licensure in Wyoming by completing the Application for Licensure by Endorsement. In addition to the requirements listed below for all applicants, endorsement applicants must show evidence of continuing competence, such as recent practice, continuing education, or completion of a refresher course if they have not taken the NCLEX-PN examination within the preceding five years. The fee for Application for Endorsement is $180.

All license applicants can apply for a non-renewable graduate temporary permit, valid for up to 90 days by checking the box on the Application for Licensure. Graduate temporary permits are issued 24-48 hours after applications are received.

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Additional LPN Licensure Requirements

*WSBN accepts the following: money order, cashier’s check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover)with $5.00 processing fee

**WSBN will send applicants an Authorization to Test (ATT) after receiving sealed official transcript and completed Application for Licensure. The ATT is required to schedule the appointment to take the NCLEX-PN. Applicants will receive an email with an authorization number, candidate identification number, and expiration date.

Renewal Process

All LPN licenses in Wyoming expire on December 31st of even years. To qualify, renewal applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

LPN Salaries in Wyoming

With all of the employment opportunities for Wyoming LPNs, some areas of the state will naturally experience more job growth and higher salaries than others. The table below outlines the areas in Wyoming with the highest salary potential.

Annual Wage (25th percentile)$38,010$35,780
Annual Wage (Median)$43,390$42,490
Annual Wage (75th percentile)$48,360$49,450

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

YearAnnual Wage (25th percentile)Annual Wage (Median)Annual Wage (75th percentile)
Northwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area$40,880$45,780$52,970
Southeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area$40,420$44,930$51,230
Northeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area$37,650$43,230$47,730
Southwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area$36,440$41,790$47,350

Wyoming LPN Employment Trends

The expected 1093 job openings for LPNs in Wyoming from 2010-2020 include 872 due to retirement and 221 due to growth, according to the Wyoming Labor Department. Larger counties such as Laramie and Natrona will probably experience higher employment growth than smaller counties such as Hot Springs and Niobrara.

Top Locations

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Northeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area160
Northwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area120
Southeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area120
AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Southwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area90

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 Employment of LPNs in Wyoming 800 930 Average Annual Openings 30

Source: Projections Central

Wyoming LPN Resources

A Guide to Licensed Occupations in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services published this guide to licensed occupations which includes a section for LPNs.

Healthcare Workforce Needs in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Research & Planning developed this report on healthcare workforce needs in the state, including LPNs.

Nurses in Wyoming: Demand, Retention & Supply

The Wyoming Department of Employment, Research and Planning released this report on the state of nursing in Wyoming for LPNs and RNs.

National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses

This professional association advocates for LPNs and LVNs. The organization meets the needs of nurse-members by providing continuing education, lobbying services, and a convention.

Nursing Demand

This is one publication in a series that examines the demand for nurses in Wyoming, developed by the Wyoming Department of Workforce, Research & Planning.

Retention of Nurses in Wyoming

This report by the Wyoming Department of Workforce, Research & Planning examines ways to keep LPNs and RNs in Wyoming employed for the long term.

Standards of Nursing Practice

These are the standards for LPNs practicing in Wyoming.

Wyoming Action Coalition for Nurses

This organization advocates for LPNs and RNs in Wyoming

Wyoming Board of Nursing

The Wyoming Board of Nursing oversees the licensure and renewal processes for LPNs in the state. All forms and directions are available on this site.

Wyoming Nurses Association

Because there is no member association specifically for LPNs in Wyoming, the Wyoming Nurses Association meets the needs of all nurses in the state.

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