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Updated June 23, 2023
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The outlook for licensed practical nurses in Utah is expected to be excellent in the coming years, with 34.5 percent job growth expected from 2012 to 2022, according to Projections Central. This number equates to 140 openings each year. Most of those jobs will be in skilled nursing facilities, but there will also be positions open in hospitals, physician’s offices, home health care and assisted living facilities.

The road to becoming an LPN in Utah begins with finding the right LPN certificate, diploma or associate degree program. You’ll also want to learn more about salaries and job growth for Utah, along with what it takes to get licensed as an LPN in the state.

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Finding an LPN Program in Utah

Utah LPN programs are offered at universities, vocational schools and community colleges. Our search tool is designed to offer students searching for Utah LPN schools and programs an easy and fast way to find programs in the state by searching for a specific criterion or browsing through all schools. Students will find key data on tuition, school type and more with the search tool below.

Utah State University
LocationLogan, UT
Salt Lake Community College
LocationSalt Lake City, UT
Dixie State University
LocationSaint George, UT
Snow College
LocationEphraim, UT

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Licensure Requirements for Utah LPNs

As with all other states, nurses must be licensed in order to practice in Utah. Here is the information LPN graduates need to know to move forward into licensure.

Basic Eligibility

Education & Training Requirements

Those who are planning to gain licensure in Utah will have to complete an approved nursing program, whether in-state or at an out-of-state school. The program must be accredited by the ACEN, CCNE, or COA. No matter where the program was completed, an official transcript sent directly from the Registrar’s office to the Board of Nursing will be required.

Additional Requirements for Licensure

Utah was one of the first states to accept the Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement. This agreement means that anyone who has earned a nursing license in the state of Utah can practice in any of the other participating compact states without obtaining a new license in that state. It also means that anyone who has earned a license outside the state of Utah, in one of the other 24 compact states, is eligible for nursing practice in Utah.

Those who legally reside in Utah at time of licensure must earn their nursing license in Utah. Those who have established licensure in another state but intend to move to Utah must apply for a license by endorsement within 90 days of the move.


Nurses in Utah are expected to renew their license every two years. Renewal requires either active practice or continuing education units, as follows:

Those who have not practiced as a nurse for five years must take steps to bring their license back into good standing, including completion of a re-entry course, and possibly submit to another criminal background check.

Salary for LPNs in Utah

LPNs in Utah can expect to see the high demand for skilled members of this profession to continue, with wages that also reflect skill level. Here is a sampling of wages that LPNs in the state of Utah have earned when compared to the rest of the nation.


Annual Wage (25th percentile)$35,740$35,780
Annual Wage (Median)$42,610$42,490
Annual Wage (75th percentile)$48,710$49,450

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas


YearAnnual Wage (25th percentile)Annual Wage (Median)Annual Wage (75th percentile)
Salt Lake City$41,350$46,900$54,410
St. George$36,230$41,110$45,240
Eastern Utah nonmetropolitan area$32,710$38,110$43,890

Utah LPN Employment Trends

Those who graduate from LPN programs in Utah will step into a booming job market. Employment is expected to grow by 34.5 percent from 2012 to 2022, with an additional 800 jobs available during that time, according to Projections Central. The following charts offer more in-depth information on the growth of jobs for LPNs in Utah.

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Salt Lake City790
Eastern Utah nonmetropolitan area170
Logan UT-ID130
AreaTotal Employment (2014)
St. George70
West Central Utah nonmetropolitan area70
South Western Utah nonmetropolitan area30


Source: Projections Central

Resources for LPNs in Utah

Utah Board of Nursing

This is the go-to site for any aspiring nurse, including graduates of LPN programs, who intend to become licensed in Utah.

Utah Emergency Nurses Association

This state division of the ENA focuses on enhancing the work and lives of nurses, including licensed practical nurses, who work in emergency services.

Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders

This membership site is designed for those who are active nurses in Utah, as well as those who are already in or seeking out leadership positions.

Utah School Nurse Association

Dedicated to those who work in school settings, this site offers information on awards, continuing education, a career center and more.

Utah Student Nurses Association

This site is designed for those who are in nursing programs throughout the state of Utah.

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