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Updated July 12, 2023
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South Dakota grew 9.2 percent in the third quarter of 2015, which makes it the fastest growing state in the nation, according to a report released in March 2016 by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Along with agriculture, other growth areas include construction and finance. With more people coming to the state to work in these sectors, the demand for medical support personnel has increased, including LPNs. LPN programs in South Dakota are offered at the associate degree, diploma and certificate levels.

Read on to find an LPN program in South Dakota, learn more about the schools offering this program, and learn about job growth, licensure and salaries for LPNs in the state.

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Finding an LPN Program in South Dakota

LPN programs in South Dakota are offered through vocational schools, community colleges and in some cases, high schools or even hospitals. The search tool below is designed to help students find the right LPN program for them by enabling them to search and filter schools by tuition, school type and location.

Mount Marty College
LocationYankton, SD
Southeast Technical Institute
LocationSioux Falls, SD
Lake Area Technical Institute
LocationWatertown, SD
Sinte Gleska University
LocationMission, SD
Western Dakota Technical Institute
LocationRapid City, SD

Licensure Requirements for South Dakota LPNs

As with all other states, nurses must be licensed in order to practice in South Dakota. This is what graduates of LPN programs should expect when seeking licensure in the state.

Basic Eligibility

Education & Training Requirements

Applicants for a nursing license in South Dakota must attend and complete a licensed practical nursing program that has been approved by the Board of Nursing in South Dakota. An applicant can also be eligible if they have completed a nursing program in another state, as long as that program was approved by the nursing board in that particular state. Proof of this completion can be presented as a Certificate of Nursing education (if earned in South Dakota) or an official transcript showing that a nursing degree was conferred (if earned outside of South Dakota).

LPNs in South Dakota earned the following degrees, diplomas and certificates in 2014:LPN Academic Achievement 2014

LPN Diploma/Associate Degree88%
Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree4%

Source: South Dakota Nursing Workforce Supply and Employment Characteristics: 2015

Additional Requirements for Licensure

Upon approval for licensure, applicants will be sent information on taking the NCLEX-PN. During the time between application and taking the nursing examination, a temporary permit may be issued for a $25 fee. The temporary permit is valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed.

Upon successful completion of the NCLEX-PN, the nursing license will be issued.

Keep in mind that South Dakota is one of 25 states that honor the Nurse Licensure Compact. This agreement means that any nurse who has been licensed in South Dakota may be eligible to practice in any of the other compact states, assuming that the license is in good standing. Even though this is a multi-state license, those who claim their permanent legal residence as South Dakota must apply for their license in South Dakota, even if they intend to work in another state.

License Renewal

Renewal of a nursing license in South Dakota must be completed online. The fee is currently $90, and renewals are required every six years. There are no continuing education requirements for renewal; however, there are practice requirements, which include:

If the nurse cannot provide proof of such employment, a refresher course is required. This course consists of an 80-hour self-study portion and 80 hours of supervised clinical practice. A limited license must be obtained by students enrolled in the refresher course; upon completion of the course, students can complete full license renewal.

Salary for LPNs in South Dakota

Licensed practical nurses are in demand in every state, and that demand may translate into higher pay as well as better job security for some LPNs. Here is what those who graduate from LPN programs in South Dakota may expect to earn as an LPN in the state. Explore LPN Degree Programs Search Programs South DakotaNational010,00020,00030,00040,00050,000Annual Wage (25th percentile)Annual Wage (Median)Annual Wage (75th percentile)

TypeSouth DakotaNational
Annual Wage (25th percentile)$30,820$35,780
Annual Wage (Median)$34,960$42,490
Annual Wage (75th percentile)$39,230$49,450

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

YearAnnual Wage (25th percentile)Annual Wage (Median)Annual Wage (75th percentile)
Western South Dakota nonmetropolitan area$31,600$36,380$41,710
Rapid City$32,450$35,910$40,010
Central South Dakota nonmetropolitan area$30,330$34,750$38,920
Sioux Falls$30,390$34,730$39,810
Eastern South Dakota nonmetropolitan area$30,280$34,360$38,360

South Dakota LPN Employment Trends

Projections Central reports job growth of 11.5 percent for licensed practical nurses from 2012 to 2022, which means an average of 80 new openings for LPNs each year in South Dakota. As with any other state, geographical location might determine how many openings there are, and there may be more openings in large cities. The following information will give LPNs in South Dakota a good idea of what to expect from employment trends in the state.

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Sioux Falls720
Eastern South Dakota nonmetropolitan area620
Rapid City320
Central South Dakota nonmetropolitan area180
Western South Dakota nonmetropolitan area150

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 Employment of LPNs in South Dakota 2,140 2,380 Average Annual Openings 80

Source: Projections Central

Resources for LPNs in South Dakota

South Dakota Action Coalition

This campaigning organization works for the rights of nurses in South Dakota, including creating solutions to various healthcare problems faced in the state.

South Dakota Board of Nursing

The essential information for becoming licensed as a nurse in South Dakota can be found here, as well as information on renewals, reinstatements and the like.

South Dakota Center for Nursing Workforce

This organization works to address issues regarding supply and demand of nurses, including recruitment, utilization of talents and educational preparation.

South Dakota Emergency Nurses Association

This state division of the ENA focuses on those who are working in emergency services, including LPNs.

South Dakota Nurses Association

The SDNA offers networking, legislative information, awards, workshops, and annual convention and more to nurses, including licensed practical nurses.

South Dakota Nursing Student Association

Though this state division of the national association focuses mostly on those seeking their RN degree, there is a wealth of information here for those who have already earned their LPN.

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