LPN Programs in New Jersey [2023 Guide]

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Updated July 11, 2023
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Those looking to help others and work in the medical field may want to consider working in New Jersey as a licensed practical nurse. According to the New Jersey Board of Nursing, more than 15,000 LPNs are employed in the state, which equates to 17 percent of the state’s nursing workforce. New Jersey LPNs work in a wide range of healthcare facilities throughout the state, from hospitals to nursing facilities and medical offices to home healthcare.

Find out more about this career field, including LPN programs, licensure requirements, and how much LPNs earn in NJ in this guide.

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Top 5 LPN Programs in New Jersey

#1 LPN Programs in New Jersey [2023 Guide]

Salem Community College

  • Location-markerCarneys Point, NJ
  • 2 year
  • Campus + Online
Average Tuition
  • In-State$6,210
  • Out-of-state$6,960
  • Retention Rate67%
  • Acceptance Rate0%
  • Students Enrolled996
  • Institution TypePublic
  • Percent Online Enrollment37%
  • AccreditationYes
#2 LPN Programs in New Jersey [2023 Guide]

Rowan College of South Jersey

  • Location-markerVineland, NJ
  • 2 year
  • Campus + Online
Average Tuition
  • In-State$3,960
  • Out-of-state$7,920
  • Retention Rate65%
  • Acceptance Rate0%
  • Students Enrolled2,989
  • Institution TypePublic
  • Percent Online Enrollment39%
  • AccreditationYes
#3 LPN Programs in New Jersey [2023 Guide]

Holy Names University

  • Location-markerEnglewood Cliffs, NJ
  • 2 year
  • Campus
Average Tuition
  • In-State$17,745
  • Out-of-state$17,745
  • Retention Rate0%
  • Acceptance Rate0%
  • Students Enrolled137
  • Institution TypePrivate
  • Percent Online Enrollment0%
  • AccreditationYes
#4 LPN Programs in New Jersey [2023 Guide]

Essex County College

  • Location-markerNewark, NJ
  • 2 year
  • Campus + Online
Average Tuition
  • In-State$7,590
  • Out-of-state$7,590
  • Retention Rate52%
  • Acceptance Rate0%
  • Students Enrolled7,434
  • Institution TypePublic
  • Percent Online Enrollment9%
  • AccreditationYes
#5 LPN Programs in New Jersey [2023 Guide]

Union County College

  • Location-markerCranford, NJ
  • 2 year
  • Campus + Online
Average Tuition
  • In-State$10,562
  • Out-of-state$10,562
  • Retention Rate68%
  • Acceptance Rate0%
  • Students Enrolled9,181
  • Institution TypePublic
  • Percent Online Enrollment25%
  • AccreditationYes

LPN Programs in New Jersey

Students of LPN programs in New Jersey learn critical concepts and gain hands-on experience to prepare them for the fast-paced nursing world. Finding the best program is an important step of the process and obtaining a diploma, certificate, or associate degree from an accredited, state-approved school is mandatory for licensure. Find out – and compare – what New Jersey schools have to offer using the search tool below.

Licensure Requirements for LPNs in New Jersey

The New Jersey Board of Nursing regulates the nursing profession. From granting licenses to approving education programs, the main goal of the board is to protect the public. Discover New Jersey’s educational requirements, what is required to become an LPN, and the renewal process.

New Jersey Licensing Basic Eligibility

New Jersey Licensing Education & Training Requirements

LPNs must graduate from a state-approved practical nursing program. The board requires applicants to have a CPR card.

Additional Requirements for New Jersey Licensing

Once candidates have completed the requirements outlined above, they’re only a couple steps away from being fully licensed and starting their careers. Other requirements LPNs will need to address before receiving their license include:

Renewal Requirements for New Jersey Licensing

In order to be approved for license renewal, LPNs must complete 30 contact hours of continuing professional education by an approved provider. Licenses are renewed every two years and the Board charges a $65 fee.

New Jersey LPN Employment Trends

The employment opportunities available to LPNs in New Jersey depend on where they choose to work. Find out what types of health care facilities offer the most job opportunities for LPNs and the projected employment growth.

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Edison-New Brunswick Metropolitan Division4,170
Newark-Union NJ-PA Metropolitan Division3,530
Camden Metropolitan Division2,550
Atlantic City-Hammonton510
AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Ocean City230

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Employment of LPNs in New Jersey
2012 – 14,760
2020 – 17,940
Average Annual Openings 680

Source: Projections Central

Resources for LPNs in New Jersey

Continuing Education FAQ
The New Jersey Board of Nursing provides information on continuing education requirements for nurses.

Decision-Making Model Algorithms
Outlines the state’s expectations for LPNs as they make decisions about patient care.

Institute for Nursing
This charitable affiliate of the New Jersey State Nurses Association offers scholarships to students pursuing LPN and RN education in the state. In addition, it also provides research grants to those conducting studies that impact the nursing profession.

PN Program Reports
This site includes NCLEX-PN results for schools around the state. The data goes back four years.

New Jersey Board of Nursing
The Board is responsible for regulating the practice of nursing in New Jersey. This entails licensing nurses, ensuring that degree and continuing education programs meet the state’s standards, and prosecuting claims against nurses who violate the expected responsibilities.

New Jersey Board of Nursing Laws
LPNs in New Jersey have many legal responsibilities that they must follow as they practice. This page outlines these responsibilities and discusses the standard of care that is expected from practical nurses.

New Jersey League for Nursing
This group is dedicated to providing quality education programs to nurses around the state, allowing them to become prepared for the various issues they’ll face as they practice. In addition, the organization provides scholarships for nursing students.

New Jersey State Nurses Association
In its efforts to advance the nursing profession in New Jersey, this association works to affect policies that impact the field, provides nursing continuing education, and offers industry news to its members.

Schools of Practical Nursing
Provided by the New Jersey League for Nursing, this is a list of LPN programs that have been approved by the state.

Top Tips for License Applicants
This page includes advice to prospective nurses going through the licensing process from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

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