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Timelines, Programs and Resources for Business Students

An online bachelor's degree in business can often lead students to careers in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. These programs typically offer the education and skill set needed for graduates to enter the world of business with confidence. Online business programs are typically cost-effective and may offer customizable schedules. Explore different online programs for a bachelor's in business degree, learn which schools rank the highest and find out what it takes to earn your degree.

Top 10 Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in Business

#1 University of Toledo Toledo, OH
#2 Davenport University Grand Rapids, MI
#3 Pace University New York City, NY
#4 Temple University Philadelphia, PA
#5 Hawaii Pacific University Honolulu, HI
#6 Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA
#7 Saint Leo University St. Leo, FL
#8 Park University Parkville, MO
#9 Suffolk University Boston, MA
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Best Online Bachelor's in Business


To be considered for this ranking, schools were required to meet the following criteria: Accredited at the institutional level Private nonprofit or public school Minimum of 1 bachelor's or master's degree in subject area for 4-year schools Minimum of 1 associate degree or certificate program in subject area for 2-year schools Schools were then scored on factors such as: Cost & Financial Aid Number and variety of program offerings Student-teacher ratios Graduation rates (4-year schools only) Placement and support services offered Academic/Career counseling services Employment services Loan default rates These factors were assembled for each school and rated using a peer-based-value (PBV) calculation. PBV compares the cost of a program to the cost of other programs with the same (or similar) qualitative score and cost. PBV denotes the overall value or "bang for your buck" of a college or degree program.

Completing an online bachelor's in business program can help prospective students accomplish their career goals. Finding the program that is right for you can sometimes prove to be difficult. Prospective students can take a look at the top-rated programs, based on factors like cost, student-to-teacher ratios and graduate rates, to help narrow down schools that align with their goals. Compare programs and begin your search with this "best of" list.

Rankings Accordion

4 - Year Colleges

  1. University of Toledo

    Toledo, OH

    Through the University of Toledo’s College of Business and Innovation (COBI), students can earn a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with specialization in areas such as accounting, finance, management, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. Curriculum includes liberal arts, business core and major specific courses. COBI also offers graduate degrees, along with associate and certificate degree programs, which are geared towards working professionals and can be completed online. COBI has several student organizations related to business, along with student resources through the Business Career Programs office, including internship placement and full-time employment assistance, career development classes, resume building, mock interviews and job fairs.

  2. Davenport University

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Davenport University is a private, nonprofit university with several business-related degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level, including associate, BBA and MBA degrees. Students can earn a BBA degree in accounting, finance, marketing, management or general business. The general business program is offered both online and on-campus, and can be completed in as little as one year, with the transfer of a business-related associate degree. In addition to the required core foundation and business courses, the curriculum offers a large number of open electives, in areas such as international business, human resources management, entrepreneurship, selling and marketing, allowing students to create a degree emphasis.

  3. Pace University

    New York City, NY

    The Lubin School of Business at Pace University offers BBA degree programs in areas such as accounting, business management, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship, with a wide array of specialization options, ranging from arts and entertainment management to quantitative business analysis. Students interested in an online business program can earn a BBA in business studies completely online, with specialization in either marketing and management, or accounting and internal auditing. Lubin also offers minors in business, joint degrees in accounting, graduate degrees and non-credit, career-focused certificate programs. In addition to internal scholarships offered by Pace University, there are several scholarships available specifically for Lubin students.

  4. Temple University

    Philadelphia, PA

    Temple University has several educational opportunities for business majors through the Fox School of Business and Management, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Students interested in earning a BBA degree can choose a more traditional major, such as accounting or marketing, or can pursue a less common major like actuarial science or statistical science and data analytics. The Fox School also offers a completely online BBA program for those needing maximum flexibility. Students have many opportunities for involvement through Fox student organizations, and Fox’s Center for Student Professional Development offers career and personal development resources, such as individual coaching, group workshops, networking events and internships.

  5. Hawaii Pacific University

    Honolulu, HI

    At Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), students planning to pursue a business degree can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in general business or with concentration in areas such as accounting, business economics, finance, international business, management and marketing through the HPU School of Business. The BSBA is a four-year degree, and includes general education requirements, lower and upper division business courses, lower and upper division major electives, unrestricted electives and capstone. Students also have the option of an undergraduate internship, a project-based learning program, and study abroad business courses offered in several countries, such as China, Australia, France and Sweden.

  6. Duquesne University

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Depending on area of interest and career goals, students at Duquesne University can earn a bachelor’s degree in areas such as accounting, entrepreneurship, international business, sports marketing and supply chain management. Graduates typically work in their areas of study or go on to earn a master’s degree at Duquesne, which has both on-campus and online options. All business students participate in the Professional Development Program, which is a four-year program designed to help students develop career-focused, real-world skills. Each year students focus on specific skills, which include internship placement and job search, resume building and networking, along with required and optional workshops throughout the program.

  7. Saint Leo University

    St. Leo, FL

    Saint Leo University offers two degree options for those looking to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In addition to a traditional four-year degree, students can also pursue a master’s degree in business administration or marketing with a 3+1 bachelor’s/master’s combination program. Students can also go the online route and earn a business degree. Students have access to internships with big-name organizations and can study abroad to prepare for a career in a worldwide marketplace. Networking opportunities include the Executive Advisory Council to the School of Business and membership in the American Management Association.

  8. Park University

    Parkville, MO

    Business management students at Park University learn the fundamentals of preparing for a career in personnel management, marketing and finance. They can choose from among areas of concentration that include human resource management, international business or logistics, among others. In addition to on-campus programs, students can also earn a degree in business administration or management online, as well as many other degree programs including computer science, homeland security, military history and English. Park University was founded in 1875 and aims to provide higher education to a diverse group of learners.

  9. Suffolk University

    Boston, MA

    Suffolk University Boston has a number of opportunities for students looking to earn a degree in business. Degree programs include unique options like big data and business analytics, entrepreneurship and global business as well as more traditional business-related degrees. These programs come complete with degree-specific extracurricular clubs, coursework that allows graduates to sit for certification exams and concentrations for more targeted learning experiences. Some coursework may be available online for a more flexible degree experience.

  10. Hofstra University

    Hempstead, NY

    Hofstra University’s School of Business has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs to help students prepare for a career in business. It offers community programs, students organizations and an undergraduate executive speaker series to students, as well as the opportunity to study abroad. The Foundations for Professional Development introduces students to how business interacts with society and sponsors speakers from a variety of industries. In addition to traditional on-campus programs, Hofstra also offers online courses and programs, including an online master in business administration.

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Timeline for Online Business Bachelor's Students

With many steps from the application process to graduation, navigating the route to earning a bachelor's degree in business can seem complicated. This timeline is designed to make the road to graduation clearer for online business students, highlighting the major milestones prospective students should strive to meet as they work toward their online business degree. Explore online degree programs
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Application Process

To improve your chances of being accepted into their preferred business program, students should be prepared to begin the application process early, as requirements that vary by school can get confusing. Programs usually request items such as letters of recommendation, additional test scores and essays. Bachelor's Academic Requirements

Most online business schools require a minimum high school GPA as well as a minimum SAT or ACT composite score. Some programs may also require bachelor's level students to complete core college classes before applying to their business program. Application Processes

Depending on whether you are a direct or transfer applicant, the application process may vary. When applying for a bachelor's program in business, review each school's deadlines and supplemental requirements, including transcripts, letters of recommendations and a minimum GPA for prerequisite courses. Business Related Letter(s) of Recommendation

Like other degree programs, bachelor's level business programs may require a letter of recommendation. The number of letters requested typically varies among programs, but many business schools require at least two. These can be from previous employers, professional business organization leaders or teachers. Essay or Video Essay

Business programs may require an essay or statement of purpose and usually provide topic guidelines, such as explaining an achievement in the business field, who or what influenced you to pursue a bachelor's in business, or a challenge you've overcome that would make you a good candidate for a particular program. Testing Requirements

Some universities conduct their own academic tests to ensure proficiency in reading, writing and math skills as they relate to a bachelor's in business program. Many online business programs often require ACT or SAT scores along with the application.

Year 1 Milestones

Milestones during the first year of business school will center on completing core bachelor's level classes and mapping out academic goals. Students should make it a point to meet with a business program advisor during the first semester to better understand their best path to graduation goals. Complete Core Bachelor's Classes

Determine which core classes a bachelor's level student needs, then map out a plan to complete those in your first two years in addition to other business-related degree coursework. Complete Introductory Business Classes

Basic business classes, such as calculus or an introduction to economics, are often available during a bachelor student's freshman year. Consider exploring coursework based on the area of study interested in within the business field. Meet with an Advisor to Map Academic Plan

Meeting with an advisor each semester is one way to make sure students are on the right track. During the first year, a bachelor's level business student should consider getting advice planning coursework and mapping out upcoming milestones.

Year 2 Milestones

Some business programs may require an additional enrollment process after bachelor's students have completed the necessary prerequisites. If this is the case, the second year is crucial for meeting the necessary milestones. This is also the time to start thinking about a career after graduation. Complete Business Program Admission Prerequisites

Students who are required to apply to a university's business program specifically will typically need to complete the necessary core and business classes by the end of their second year. Determine Focus Within Business Field

It may seem early, but bachelor's level business students should start thinking about what focus to take within the business field. This may be a concentration on marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship or management, among other things. Exploring different areas to find an interesting field should be done now. Explore Internship Possibilities

An internship, either during the school year or summer, is one way for bachelor's level business students to build a résumé and portfolio while gaining real-life experience. An advisor often guides students in finding internships, and starting to look at options can help narrow the field early.

Year 3 Milestones

During the third year of an online bachelor's in business program, students should start thinking more seriously about possible career options. Now is the time to build a résumé and network with professionals to be prepared when the job search begins. Join a Professional Business Organization

Many online business programs have organizations and associations available for bachelor's level students and professionals. These can vary from national to regional groups, but usually provide opportunities for members to network with mentors and peers, stay up to date on news and search for jobs. Many of these organizations may offer discounted rates to student members. Create a Business-Specific Resume

Many business programs have on-campus resources to assist with résumé building, and by the third year of a bachelor's business program, students should start building in industry-relevant work experience. Job Shadow, Mentorships and Internships

A bachelor's level business student should use their third year to apply for internships and mentorships, or begin reaching out to professionals in their preferred business concentration about job shadow opportunities. These are great, hands-on learning experiences for students eager to jump-start or explore many different potential careers.

Year 4 Milestones

The final year before graduation can often be hectic for bachelor's students pursuing business degrees. Students will likely be finalizing school projects and seeking employment, but should be aware of the major milestones during this year so they aren't caught off guard when graduation rolls around. Pre-Graduation Check with Business Advisor

Meet with a business advisor at the beginning of the final year of the bachelor's program to review GPA, discuss completed and current classes and go over goals following graduation. Be realistic about the work it takes to start a career or continue on to graduate school. Capstone Project

As a bachelor's degree program comes to a close, business students should consider reaching out to professors or managers for letters of recommendation. They may be asked to provide these when applying for jobs or for any graduate degree programs. Begin Applying for Jobs

The final year of an online bachelor's in business program is a great time to send out résumés to prospective employers. Because the hiring process can take several weeks, students are smart to start applying before graduation. Take advantage of connections made through school, internships and membership in professional organizations.

Graduation Requirements

If students stay on their academic track and have met regularly with an advisor, the final steps before graduation should not be complicated. A bachelor's in business is like any other degree in that students need to submit an application to graduate, as well as meet the following common graduation requirements. Maintain Minimum GPA

A minimum GPA is required to maintain good academic standing with any business school. Bachelor's students who do not meet these standards will need to re-take classes to make up grades, and will not be eligible for graduation otherwise. Each online business program sets different GPA standards. Complete All Core and Major Courses

Regular meetings with the business school advisor can help ensure that bachelor's level students have maintained a track to graduation in the time anticipated. Core classes are required for all students, as are business and specialization specific courses and electives. Complete Capstone Project

Some bachelor's in business programs may require a capstone project to be completed in a student's final year. This is an independent study conducted by the student with the guidance and support of a faculty member. Faculty Approval and Recommendation

This step is usually part of the graduation application process and is simply the signature of the head of the business college verifying a student has met the bachelor's level requirements set forth by the university and the business program.

What Can I do with a Bachelor's Degree in Business?

As a multidisciplinary field, business knowledge can often be applied in diverse environments, including small companies, global corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, education institutions and the healthcare field. Business professionals can choose from specialties like high-profile management and leadership to finance and operations or small business entrepreneurship. After gaining work experience and the necessary qualifications, the following careers may be interesting for students to explore.Browse Bachelor's in Business Careers Management Analyst or Consultant

Management analysts or consultants act as advisors to businesses, organizations and their managers. Duties may include brainstorming creative cost-cutting or revenue-increasing measures, or helping a company grow. Though this position only requires a bachelor's degree, successful management consultants can also usually offer their real-life business expertise and advice to their clients.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)

$81,320 per year Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales agents usually sell advertising space to businesses by contacting potential clients, either through cold calls or referrals, and they typically make sales presentations and maintain existing client accounts. Agents may be responsible for selling advertising mediums, including print, radio, television or internet/digital ads

.Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)

$48,490 per year Wholesale & Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives are typically responsible for selling goods to businesses, government agencies and other organizations. The income and job security of sales representatives is usually directly correlated to them meeting their sales goals. Frequent travel is often common for individuals working in this field.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)

$59,080 per year Property, Real Estate and Community Association Managers

Property, real estate and community association managers oversee many aspects of managing residential, commercial or industrial properties. They typically show properties, examine real estate grounds and meet with tenants and owners.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)

$55,380 per year

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Skills an Online Business Bachelor's Program Teaches

Bachelor's in Business

  • Principles of Financial Workings Through coursework in accounting, statistics and finance, students in an online bachelor's in business program often develop an understanding of business finance to help with decisions they will face in their careers, including financial markets and controls, long-range budgeting and cost of capital. Upon entering the workforce, graduates will typically be able to examine financial information, identify issues and solve problems and make sound business decisions.
  • Human Resources and Management Students typically gain skills related to the fundamentals of policies and administration for human resource management. This includes being able to execute procedural tasks as well as what it takes to develop, maintain and utilize an effective team. Online business students will also likely be familiar with employment laws and regulations, labor relations and diversity in a global economy.
  • Business Ethics and Best Practices Students of an online bachelor's in business program will usually have a foundation of knowledge related to business ethics and social responsibility in domestic and global settings. They typically learn the importance of making business decisions with ethical and moral consideration of corporate conduct, social responsibilities, policies and strategies.

PHD in Business


Associate in Business


Additional Resources

Still wondering if a bachelor's degree in business is the right choice? These resources may help explore the field. These professional organizations that connect students with mentors and peers and offer options for testing the waters to ensure a business focus is in line with a student's future career goals.

American Management Association

This association offers members resources to advance their skills in areas like management and supervision and project management. The organization also offers seminars, courses, access to white papers and ongoing webinars.

Business Professionals of America

This organization is for students studying business management, office administration, information technology and other business-related fields. BPA has programs to develop members' leadership, problem-solving and service skills.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda

With more than 230,000 members, this organization helps its members prepare for business careers through leadership development, academic competitions and education programs.

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