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Updated June 17, 2024
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The best online courses and tools for learning history

History students aren’t limited to textbooks and long lectures in a classroom. Online history courses offer a way of learning that’s almost as expansive and varied as the subject itself. These classes provide convenient—and often inexpensive—opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge about a wide variety of historic events, topics and figures. Students can use this guide to learn about the breadth of online history courses, how to find ones that suit their particular interests, and other online resources to aid in their studies.

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Online history classes come in a variety of formats to suit the needs of different types of students. Some are for informational purposes only, while others offer college credit or certificates of completion. The table below outlines the aims of each type.

What is this type of course?
Some courses give students the option to purchase a certificate of completion if they’ve earned a minimum grade. While certificates generally don’t translate to professional credentialing or college credits, they do verify a student’s knowledge in specific areas of history and can be valuable additions to a resume.For-credit online history courses allow students to earn credits that can be applied at colleges and universities. These classes usually cost the same as regular college classes.Informational classes are great ways for students to gain extra knowledge at little to no cost. While students won’t earn credits or certificates, they can learn about specific topics in history without any obligations.
Who takes this type of course?
Professionals and students who want to prove they’ve continued or expanded their history studies.Students looking to earn college credit, either toward a history major or to fulfill general education or elective requirements.Anyone who is interested in getting further knowledge in various history subjects.



Not all history classes are created equally. Just like a great teacher or professor at a traditional school can get their students interested in history, a great online course can make all the difference. From highly-focused art history courses to classes that examine the earliest civilizations, we’ve rounded up the top 10 online history courses.


Interior design classes can benefit those who have already established their careers as well as casual dabblers who want to learn better ways to redecorate their homes or offices. Though students’ end goals may vary, the following are a list of the top three reasons to take online interior design classes:

  1. Learn how to use a new design program

    Whether you’re just starting out and have never used a design program before or you’ve grown tired of the old software, interior design students can often learn how to navigate design programs quickly and conveniently through online classes. Proficiency in multiple programs may also be an added benefit on a résumé for professionals.

  2. Discover today’s interior design trends

    Both professionals and novices need to stay on top of current design trends in order to create interiors that appeal to their audiences. Online interior design courses typically not only expose students to current trends, but by evaluating and sharing work with peers, students will often have the opportunity to create and spot what could be the next big thing.

  3. Go beyond decorating

    Interior design is much more than changing the visual nature of a space. Through online interior design classes, students can learn about the various elements that go into design, from the practical use of space to the psychological impact of certain design decisions to health and safety concerns.



Some may find inspiration while sitting at a desk, but others may need to explore, finding inspiration from their surroundings. The apps below can be an excellent resource for wandering creatives who need to jot, track and share their ideas from anywhere at any moment.


Free Apple  Android
Houzz allows users to search through over 10 million high-resolution photos of interiors and exteriors, save favorite pictures to private idea books that can be shared with anyone, find design professionals and contractors, get advice and shop for products.

Homestyler Interior Design

Free AppleAndroid
With Homestyler, users can take a picture of whatever room they want to redesign, and the picture becomes a working 3D model. Furniture, light fixtures and other design accessories can be added to the room, so users can easily see different design combinations in action. Users can also browse through designs to get inspiration and share their own ideas.


Free Apple
This intuitive app lets users easily create accurate floor plans by simply taking pictures of rooms. MagicPlan takes measurements and draws up floor plans based on the photos and allows users to add objects and make annotations on the plans, serving as an excellent tool for professionals and hobbyists.


$9.99 for iOS, $7.99 for Android Apple


Designers who often find themselves more inspired by the colors surrounding them than rows of paint swatches should download myPANTONE. PANTONE is the international language of choice when it comes to color, so having an app that allows users to take pictures of anything and translate them into PANTONE colors can make creating and sharing color palettes a breeze.


Free Apple
Paper’s unique mixed-media style of note-taking makes it easier for users to get their ideas down quickly. This app allows users to combine note-taking, sketching and photos to accurately convey their design ideas. Users can also make checklists to help keep everything on track.


Interior designers may not always have a gushing flow of inspiration that has them grabbing for their phones and tablets to document ideas. Podcasts, however, can fill the spaces between creative exploits and help to supply ideas, techniques, affirmations and updates for those in the field. Designers of all levels can use this list of informative and entertaining interior design podcasts to learn and get inspired.

A Well-Designed Business
LuAnn Nigara
Recent Episode to Try:
Andrew Joseph – Advice from the Principal of an Elite NYC Public Relations Firm

As its name hints, A Well-Designed Business focuses on the business of design. In each episode, host LuAnn Nigara interviews a successful interior designer on a highly specific aspect of their business. Guests provide expert insights in many areas like marketing to former clients, working under tight deadlines and landing your first design job.

The Chaise Lounge
Nick May
Recent Episode to Try:
Bobby Berk: Millenial Interior Design and Product King

In this podcast, host Nick May interviews successful interior designers to learn about their individual design businesses and strategies. Discussions focus on how designers became successful in the industry and what business practices they find most effective. This is a great listen for interior design professionals and those hoping to enter the field.

Honest Home
Tammy Cody
Recent Episode to Try:
Interior Stylist and Blogger, Kirsten Grove

Honest Home features interviews with interior designers, architects and stylists from various backgrounds and goes into a variety of topics related to the design profession. Listeners can expect to learn about anything from designing tiny homes to successfully blogging about design.

Million Dollar Decorating
James Swan
Recent Episode to Try:
Episode 119: Jamie Derringer

This podcast takes a less business-focused approach to interior design than some of the others in the list and is a great listen for those who want something different to listen to every day. In this daily podcast, host James Swan invites well-known interior designers to chat candidly about all things interior design.

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