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Updated July 12, 2023
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According to a January 2015 report from the Idaho Department of Labor, the state has been experiencing a surplus of licensed practical nurses – more than 230 students graduate from LPN programs in Idaho each year, but the demand for these health care professionals due to growth, attrition, and replacement is approximately 130 LPNs a year. As a result, the department notes that employment rates for LPNs in Idaho have fluctuated over the last few years. Nonetheless, there are still promising opportunities for qualified practical nurses in Idaho, particularly in the southwestern region of the state, which is expected to see a deficit of skilled LPNs.

In this guide, learn more about the state’s practical nursing field and get information on licensure requirements to start a rewarding career in Idaho.

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Explore LPN Degree Programs

Begin Exploring LPN Programs in Idaho

Accredited LPN programs in Idaho prepare students to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam, which is one of the requirements for state licensure. Numerous schools across the state have nursing programs, which can make finding the right one a bit of a challenge. The schools listed below can help prospective PN students determine what programs meet their needs and preferences based on school type, tuition, and student population.

Lewis-Clark State College
LocationLewiston, ID
Idaho State University
LocationPocatello, ID
College of Southern Idaho
LocationTwin Falls, ID
North Idaho College
LocationCoeur D'alene, ID
College of Eastern Idaho
LocationIdaho Falls, ID

Explore LPN Degree Programs

Applying for a License in ID

All states have their own licensing requirements for LPNs. In Idaho, regulations are enforced and maintained by the Idaho Board of Nursing (IBN). The following is a breakdown of requirements for initial licensure by examination

Basic Eligibility

Education & Training Requirements

Practical nurses seeking licensure in Idaho will need to complete a Board approved nursing program to gain the specific skills and knowledge necessary for the field. Academic options include a one-year diploma or certificate or a two-year associate degree in practical nursing. Both options will qualify graduates to sit for the NCLEX exam.

Because Idaho participates in the Nurse License Compact, LPNs who hold a multi-state license in another Compact state will be allowed to practice in Idaho without any additional licenses.

Additional Requirements for Licensure

As part of application to the Idaho Board of Nursing, applicants will need to provide:


Idaho requires LPNs to renew their licenses every other even-numbered year. The expiration date for all licenses is August 31. Renewals made prior to the expiration date are subject to a renewal fee is $90. LPNs are encouraged to renew online, except for candidates holding a license that has lapsed for more than year. Those who wish to renew by paper will need to contact the Board of Nursing office via phone, mail, or email.

Salary Potential for LPNs

LPN wages can differ from state to state and even between cities within state lines. The data below provides a snapshot of expected salaries for LPNs across Idaho.

Explore LPN Degree Programs

Idaho LPN Employment Trends

The Idaho Department of Labor’s Nursing Overview predicts that the supply of LPNs will exceed the demand in most regions across the state, except for the southwest where the region’s population is not only growing quickly but also aging, leading to a demand for nurses at all levels. As a result, many choose to become registered nurses in order to qualify for more job opportunities.

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Boise City-Nampa880
Southcentral Idaho nonmetropolitan area360
Idaho Falls350
Coeur d’Alene250
North Idaho nonmetropolitan area250
AreaTotal Employment (2014)
East Idaho nonmetropolitan area210
Lewiston ID-WA100

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Employment of LPNs in Idaho
2012 – 2,920
2022 – 3,550
Average Annual Openings 140

Source: Projections Central

Resources for LPNs in Idaho

Idaho Board of Nursing
The Idaho Board of Nursing is the critical resource for nurses at all stages of their careers. The board website links to practical details on licensing, endorsements, examinations, and regulatory information within the Nursing Practice Act.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
The department produces and publishes Facts, Figures, and Trends every year, describing programs, services, and the population served by state health agencies.

Idaho Student Nurses Association (ISNA)
The ISNA mentors members of its chapters with the universal goal of helping students gain nurse licensure. Its site has a wealth of information on scholarships, advanced nursing courses, certifications, and additional academic resources.

Idaho Nurses Association
The INA represents all professional nurses in Idaho and advocates in policy, education standards, and workplace issues. Find information on hosted educational events, membership benefits, and the Association career center and job board., LVN Search, Idaho
Search for LVN openings in the state using one of the largest job search boards in the country. Listings include positions identified for LVN, LPN, and CAN opportunities.

The National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses (NFLPN)
The NFLPN offers certifications and advocates for education quality and policies that affect the million practical and licensed nurses working across the United States.

Nursing Overview, Idaho Department of Labor
Take the pulse of nursing professions in Idaho through the annual statistical review and state of the profession. Topics include a nursing gap report, projected demand, salaries and education data.

Nurse Leaders of Idaho
Nurses entering nurse leadership and advanced education – or those looking into it for the future – can explore education and leadership courses offered by NLI. The membership organization also hosts an annual conference and job board.

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