LPN Programs in Delaware

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Updated June 19, 2023
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Whether choosing to work for the state, at a regional hospital, or for a healthcare organization, LPNs in Delaware can enjoy rewarding career opportunities along with attractive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages. More than 2,000 LPNs were employed in the state of Delaware in 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and demand for licensed practical nurses remains strong.

The following guide walks aspiring practical nurses through the state’s licensure process, offers helpful tools for exploring LPN programs in Delaware, and takes a closer look at salary and employment trends for LPNs in the state.

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Explore LPN Degree Programs

Search LPN Program Options in Delaware

As the second smallest state in the U.S., LPN programs in Delaware are not as plentiful as they are in other larger states across the country. Prospective nursing students still do have options, however. Explore the LPN programs offered at the schools below to help determine which program is a good fit.

Delaware Technical Community College-Stanton/Wilmington
LocationWilmington, DE
Delaware Technical Community College-Owens
LocationGeorgetown, DE
Delaware Technical Community College-Terry
LocationDover, DE

Explore LPN Degree Programs

Getting Your Practical Nursing License in Delaware

All nurses in Delaware must be licensed in order to practice and must also renew their license according to state guidelines. These mandates can vary between states so it’s important that aspiring practical nurses understand all the steps required to begin legally practicing in the state. Below is a breakdown of requirements for initial licensure by examination, but for the most up-to-date information visit Delaware’s Board of Nursing.

Basic Eligibility

Education & Training Requirements

Before applying for licensure and sitting for the NCLEX-PN, an aspiring nurse must complete a practical nursing program approved by the Delaware Board of Nursing. This program must meet the Board’s Rules and Regulations for acceptable education, which includes 200 hours of clinical experience. Applicants who completed a program within the US – or in a US territory – will need to have the school send official transcripts directly to the Board.

After completing a practical nursing program, graduates must pass the NCLEX-PN and submit two applications: one to the Delaware Board of Nursing and another to Pearson Vue, the organization that administers the NCLEX-PN, before scheduling their exam date. Those who graduated two or more years prior to sitting for the exam, must submit evidence of completing an NCLEX review course within the previous six months. If five or more years have gone by since graduation, you are no eligible for licensure by examination and will need to contact the Board office for more information.

Additional Requirements for Licensure

Maintaining an LPN License

LPNs in Delaware must renew their license ever two years, on even-number years. The expiration date is February 28 of all even years (e.g. 2016, 2018, 2020, etc.). To renew a license, applicants are required to compete a certain amount of contact hours of continuing education. For practical nursing licenses issued by examination, 24 Board-approved CEs are required, with three of those hours covering substance abuse. If a nurse has had his/her initial license for less than two years, however, no CEs are needed.

Salaries for LPNs in Delaware

Like most other professions, salary potential for practical nurses can vary. Certain regions or cities in Delaware are expected to experience higher salaries than other areas. The following table shows areas of Delaware with the highest LPN salary ranges:

Explore LPN Degree Programs


Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

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Employment Trends for Delaware LPNs

On a national level, demand for LPNs is expected to be much faster than the average compared to other occupations through 2024, with a projected growth of 16 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. LPNs are likely to find the most jobs in nursing care centers, as home health care service providers, or in retirement and nursing homes. For Delaware, most of the LPN job opportunities can be found in larger cities and in hospitals, rehab facilities, and other large healthcare organizations.

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Wilmington DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan Division1,360
Sussex County Delaware nonmetropolitan area410

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Employment of LPNs in Delaware

2012 2,180

2022 2,600

Average Annual Openings 100

Source: Projections Central

Delaware Resources for Practical Nurses

ACEN Accredited Nursing Programs

Database of accredited nursing programs from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Approved Delaware Nursing Education & Refresher Programs

Comprehensive list of approved Delaware nursing education and continuing education programs available around the state. Provided by the Department of State Division of Professional Regulation.

Delaware Nurses Association

Advocacy and membership programs for nursing professionals throughout the State of Delaware. Includes information about certification resources for the American Nurses Association (ANA) certification and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Delaware Nursing Incentive Program

Aspiring LPNs and nurses looking for financial assistance to complete their education can apply for the Nursing Incentive Program offered by the Delaware Department of Education. This page provides eligibility requirements, application instructions, and award amounts.

Delaware Student Nurses’ Association (DSNA)

Organization designed for pre-nursing and nursing students enrolled in an accredited nursing program in the State of Delaware. Includes membership information and member resources. DSNA is a constituent member of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA).

National League for Nursing (NLN) Membership Services

Comprehensive site for practical nurses and other individuals in the nursing profession that provides membership services, accreditation services, and recognition programs for those excelling in their field.

State of Delaware Board of Nursing

Develops professional competency standards for LPNs and nursing professionals practicing in the State of Delaware. Includes licensing information and license renewal services.

State of Delaware Nursing Job Opportunities

Up-to-date listing of job opportunities for nursing professionals who wish to work for the State of Delaware. Includes seasonal job opportunities and a secure online application form.

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