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Nursing assistants are vital employees at hospitals, nursing homes and residential care centers. Since they help patients with daily activities, like exercise and personal care, CNAs often have the most contact with patients and must perform a range of tasks that require proper training. Online courses and programs can help prospective CNAs gain the skills and knowledge needed to become certified and pursue nursing assistant careers. CNA students can get started by learning more about the perks of online classes and how to find a program that meets their needs.

Top 5 Things to Know About CNA Classes Online

Where Can I Take CNA Classes Online?

Online CNA students benefit from extra flexibility that allows them to choose the type of school and program best suited to their needs and career goals, even if it’s not nearby. Prospective students can find online CNA courses at these types of institutions:

Community Colleges

These public schools are generally inexpensive and provide many different course and program options to students.

For-profit Colleges and Universities

For-profit schools can be flexible and efficient, but they must generate revenue and, as a result, can be expensive.

Technical and Vocational Schools

Trade and vocational schools focus on hands-on, practical training.

Hospitals and Clinics

Some hospitals and health facilities provide online CNA training and are great places to earn clinical hours.

Not-for-profit Colleges and Universities

These schools can be either public or private and are a good option for students who want to pursue nursing degrees and are interested in the “college experience.”

Learning Outcomes of an Online CNA Program

Nursing assistants care for and ensure the safety of patients in a variety of settings, so a comprehensive understanding of CNA duties and the ability to perform them is essential. From knowing how to check vital signs to making sure patients feel comfortable during self-care routines, CNAs can expect a wide range of learning outcomes from their programs.

Students will learn how to communicate with patients, nurses and other staff to ensure that patients receive the best care. This includes understanding medical terminology, having good bedside manner and accurately documenting information.
Adhering to safety standards is important for both patients and staff. Understanding laws, procedures and how to react in dangerous or uncertain situations will help new CNAs effectively navigate the workplace.
CNAs often need to assist patients with many different needs and limitations. They should expect to learn how to handle personal care routines, diet restrictions or supplements and exercise and mobility activities so that patients are safe, comfortable and properly cared for.
CNA students will learn how to conduct themselves professionally in the workplace. They should also gain skills in dealing with moral or ethical dilemmas, like confronting coworkers or performing tasks that go against their personal beliefs.
Care facilities must keep their patients’ personal and medical information private. CNA courses will cover the specifics of confidentiality laws and how nursing assistants should handle sensitive information.
Along with practical and theoretical skills and knowledge, CNA courses should provide students with specific information and test-taking skills to help them pass their state exams. Online students can check with their programs to see what kinds of resources are available to help off-campus students prepare for the exam.

Key Benefits to Taking CNA Courses Online

Pursuing nursing assistant education comes with many benefits, like opening up job opportunities in a fast-growing field and building a solid foundation for educational and career advancement. Students who receive their CNA training online are privy to additional perks.

FAQ: Understanding Online CNA Classes and Costs

How do I know my program or course is credible?

The first step in ensuring course credibility is to check their state board of nursing or public health department to see if the program or course is state approved. Students taking classes at colleges, universities and vocational schools can also check to see if their nursing program is accredited.

Are online classes less expensive than in-person classes?

Online classes can be less expensive, but they aren’t always. Taking classes online can help students save money, however, by doing away with transportation costs between school and home and by allowing students to continue working without having to cut their hours or modify their work schedules to attend class.

How do I get clinical hours through online CNA programs?

While online CNA programs can supply theoretical knowledge, students still need to gain hands-on experience in clinical settings. Often, online CNA students can get this experience at a local clinic or health facility. Students should find out in advance if their program only accepts clinical hours earned at certain facilities, as this can be limiting.

After completing my program, will I be able to practice?

Not quite. Online CNA programs prepare students to sit for their state certification examination. If they pass, CNAs can work alongside registered nurses in clinical settings. Some states allow graduates to work for a short time while they wait to take the exam.

Do I need to log on to my class at a certain time?

Most online CNA courses are asynchronous, meaning students can log on and complete coursework when it’s convenient for them, giving them more control over their schedules. Courses usually specify whether they require students to be online at specific times for lectures, group discussions or other modes of learning.

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