Medical Assistant Schools & Salaries in Nevada

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Updated June 30, 2023
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Programs, Certifications, Earnings & Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, medical assisting is one of the occupations listed with the most job growth in 2014, and growth is expected well into the next decade. Medical assistants are in high demand across the country, and while Nevada doesn’t require a degree or certification to work as a medical assistant, doing so could increase job prospects. Employers are looking for medical assistants that can perform a wide variety of tasks, and most will seek out potential employees who have had formal training.

If you are ready to pursue a career as a medical assistant in Nevada, read on to find out what options are available to you, and what will fit your needs, whether it be a diploma, certification or an associate degree.

Nevada Medical Assisting School Listings

College of Southern Nevada

In-State Tuition$2,535

Student Population

Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid40%

Number of Students per Instructor24

Certification & Training Requirements for Medical Assistants in Nevada

1. How does the Nevada define “medical assistant”?

According to the State of Nevada Board of Medical Examiners, a medical assistant is someone who performs clinical and administrative tasks under the supervision of a physician or physician assistant and does not hold a professional license to perform these tasks. Some of the clinical tasks typically performed by a medical assistant are as follows:

2. Is certification required in Nevada?

Certification is not required to work as a medical assistant in Nevada, but for the majority of medical assisting jobs, employers seek out those who are nationally certified. For most medical assisting jobs, CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) certification or RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) certification is standard. To obtain certification as a medical assistant through those organizations, you must complete an accredited medical assisting program prior to taking the certification exam.

3.Is certification available?

Certification is available to medical assistants in Nevada through several national organizations. Medical assistants in Nevada can obtain the following certification by passing an exam from one of these organizations:

4. Is a formal education and/or training required?

To work as a medical assistant in Nevada, formal education is not a requirement, but it may be easier to gain employment as a medical assistant after completing an accredited medical assisting program. Employers are increasingly looking for medical assistants who have had some formal education and certification.

5. Are there additional requirements?

There are no additional requirements for working as a medical assistant in Nevada, however, if you are certified, you will want to keep your MA (medical assistant) credentials current. After a certain amount of time, you may be required to take a re-certification test, or obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits. You may also be required to pay an annual membership fee to your certification organization.

6. What tasks are within the scope of practice for medical assistants in Nevada?

As a medical assistant, tasks performed on the job will vary based on training, certification and clinical setting. The medical assistant will work under the supervision of a physician, or a physician’s assistant. The following are examples of what a medical assistant in Nevada is allowed to perform.

Medical Assistant Salaries in Nevada

The following table shows what medical assistants working in Nevada earned in 2014, compared to national salaries, which can vary significantly across the country. Based on this information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical assistants employed in Nevada earn slightly more per year than the national average.

 Annual Wage
25th percentile
Annual Wage
Annual Wage
75th percentile
Hourly Wage

Source: BLS, 2014

Nevada Medical Assistant City Salaries

The following table shows what medical assistants earned in the metropolitan areas of Nevada in 2014, and it indicates how much salaries will vary in each state, based on geographical location.

AreaAnnual Wage
25th percentile
Annual Wage
Annual Wage
75th percentile
Hourly Wage
Las Vegas-Paradise, NV$26,130$30,440$35,780$14.63

Source: BLS, 2014

Nevada Medical Assisting Employments Trends

The amount of jobs in the medical field continues to rise, and more medical assistants will be employed as more jobs become available. Nevada medical assisting jobs will continue to grow through 2022, as evident by the following numbers. This table shows current growth rate along with projected growth rate, and offers a comparison of growth rates for medical assisting jobs in Nevada compared to the national average.

Medical Assistant Estimated Employment Growth 2012-2022

 Average Annual
Employment 2022

*Source: Projections Central, 2012-2022

Nevada Medical Assisting Schools Spotlight

There are several reputable medical assisting schools in Nevada to choose from. Based on your location, needs, and type of program desired, there are several options. Community colleges, career colleges, vocational schools and university continuing education programs are some examples of medical assisting training available in Nevada. If you need help in selecting the right school, the following spotlighted schools can point you in the right direction.


School Type:

Junior College


Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)

School highlights:

Upon completion, students receive their CA (Certificate of Achievement) and are prepared to take the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) exam offered by AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants)

3 main campuses and 7 learning centers around the Las Vegas area

Excellent athletic program, honors program, opportunities in student government and campus organizations, CSN Alumni Network

Programs offered:

Certificate in Medical Office Assisting

College of Southern Nevada

Nevada Medical Assistant Resources

American Association of Medical Assistants

The website of the American Association of Medical Assistants, a national organization that provides information regarding certification, Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) testing and other information about the medical assisting career.

American Registry of Medical Assistants

Medical assistants from Nevada can apply to become a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), maintain membership to the organization and obtain continuing education activities through this website.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assistants

Shows a comparison of wages in Nevada to other states, and provides information on the occupation of medical assistant.

Nevada Medical Assistant Salaries

Allows you to look up salaries for Nevada medical assistants based on region of the state.

Nevada Medical Board

Contains the definition of medical assistant in the state of Nevada, and may contain other helpful information regarding scope of practice for medical assistants.

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