LPN Programs in Maine [2023 Guide]

ASO Staff Writers
Updated June 28, 2023
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Like many other states across the country, Maine is in need of qualified licensed practical nurses to keep up with the changing health care industry and increasing patient demands. As the population continues to live longer and baby boomer nurses begin to retire, job opportunities for LPNs in Maine will open up. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the state is projected to be short 1,700 skilled LPNs by the year 2025. In an effort to fill this demand, Maine offers several LPN programs for aspiring nurses. This comprehensive guide offers information on LPN programs in Maine, the state’s licensing and renewal processes, and salary and job prospects for those ready to join Maine’s workforce of nurses.

Finding LPN Programs Located in Maine

Becoming a practical nurse begins with obtaining the right training. LPN programs in Maine offer rigorous nursing education to prepare graduates for the NCLEX-PN exam, which is a requirement for licensure and employment. Wondering what types of LPN programs are available to prospective students in Maine? Explore the school listings below to see what the state has to offer aspiring LPNs.

 SchoolTuitionStudent PopulationSchool TypeNursing Programs
Central Maine Community College Auburn, Maine$3,7503,162Public2

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Maine LPN Licensure Requirements

Individuals can become a licensed LPN in Maine via endorsement or examination. First time LPNs follow the examination route, while those who have previously held licenses in other states can take the endorsement path. All students must meet educational, training and testing requirements to become certified. Further details on these mandates are outlined below:

Basic Eligibility

Before enrolling in an LPN program or completing the licensure examination, prospective LPNs must meet a few basic requirements, including:

Education & Training Requirements

To practice as an LPN in Maine, students must hold a high school diploma and show proof of graduation from an approved practical nursing degree, either from within the state or a program approved by another state. Applicants musts show proof of completed coursework via official transcripts sent directly by their alma mater. After these materials have been received, students must successfully pass the NCLEX-PN examination before they are eligible to become licensed.

If an individual has been practicing as an LPN in another state, they must prove they have been licensed through examination in another state or U.S. territory. The license must be in good standing.

In addition to academic requirements, applicants must also hold a valid CPR training card.

Additional Requirements to Become Licensed

Aside from the requirements given above, logistical requirements include:

Renewing a Maine LPN License

LPNs working in Maine must renew their licenses every two years by completing a three-page application and paying a $50 renewal fee. Reminder notices are sent out by the state approximately two months before the nurse’s birthday.

Average Salary for Maine LPNs

Median salaries for LPNs in Maine sit on par with the average state salary of $42,140. With additional training and experience, LPNs can boost their salaries above the state average. The following tables highlight salary ranges and the cities where LPNs can earn higher wages.

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

LPN Employment Prospects in Maine

From Portland and Bangor to Freeport and Lewiston, opportunities for LPNs are peppered throughout the state. The following table provides insightful information on the top locations for LPNs alongside information about employment prospects in the coming years.

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Southwest Maine nonmetropolitan area440
Portland-South Portland-Biddeford380
Northeast Maine nonmetropolitan area220

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Employment of LPNs in Maine
2012 – 1,470
2022 – 1,690
Average Annual Openings 60

Source: Projections Central

Further Information and Resources

Application for Examination and Licensure
Complete this online application to apply for licensure as an LPN in Maine.

Information for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Programs
LPNs who earned their license outside of the United States can use this website to learn more about transferring their license stateside.

Information for Licensure by Endorsement
The Maine State Board of Nursing maintains a helpful checklist of all that a candidate must do to be licensed in the state.

Maine State Board of Licensing Online Renewal
LPNs who need to renew their licensure can do so via the state’s online regulatory licensing and permitting website.

NCLEX Pass Rates in Maine
Find information about the average NCLEX pass rates for Maine. Information about the first-time pass rates go back as far as 2008.

Nurse Licensure Compact Information
Maine is one of 25 states that is a member of the nurse licensure compact. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing provides information for those individuals transferring their LPN licenses.

State of Maine Regulatory Licensing and Permitting
Individuals looking to verify the licensure status of an LPN in Maine can use this form to look up their credentials.

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