K-12 Online Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of a handful of states that offer fully-online programs for the entire K-12 spectrum. For middle school and high school, the Oklahoma Virtual High School has a vast collection of online courses in math, science, language arts, social studies and more. They also have 14 college preparatory courses, including AP Calculus and AP English Literature. On the support side, the school has a 24/7 hotline should any student need help with schoolwork or technology.

When it comes to supplemental online learning, Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program helps students get the additional help they need. These online learning modules are designed to accompany classroom-based learning to ensure retention of the material – or acquisition of new skills due to missed class time. The Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program (OSOCP) makes courses available to students statewide through16 approved providers.

Oklahoma Connections Academy K - 12 N/A Both Live/On-Demand Public (800) 382-6010
Oklahoma Virtual Academy 1 - 12 Vinita Both Live/On-Demand Public (866) 467-0849
ASTEC Charter High School Online 6 - 12 Oklahoma City Both Live/On-Demand Public (405) 947-6272
OSU K-12 Distance Learning Academy K - 12 Stillwater On-Demand/Asynchronous Public (888) 824-5147
Oklahoma Virtual High School 9 - 12 N/A On-Demand/Asynchronous Public (888) 425-7178

Oklahoma Online Colleges and Universities

Oklahoma has 13 public institutions, 12 community colleges, 11 private nonprofit universities and 4 tribal colleges. The Online College of Oklahoma, established by the State Regents for Higher Education, offers online degrees at 27 different universities throughout the state. The public universities alone serve more than 190,000 students, and a growing number of the estimated 30,000 degrees they award each year are completed online. In addition, there are many national for-profit online colleges that have local campuses with certificate and degree programs.

State Schools in Oklahoma

The state is home to two major public colleges, the University of Oklahoma (UO) and Oklahoma State University (OSU), both of which are highly regarded nationally. OU is consistently ranked among the Top 50 public colleges and universities in the country, with more freshman National Merit Scholars than any other American public university. OSU has campuses in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Tulsa, with an additional Institute of Technology in Okmulgee. The university is committed to creating a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment through its Division of Institutional Diversity.

The state has 11 additional public universities, seven of which have more than one campus. Education and business are the most popular bachelor’s degrees awarded. Fitting a bit outside the mold of this university system is the small and prestigious University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, the only four-year liberal arts undergraduate college in the Oklahoma state system.

Community Colleges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has 12 two-year public institutions enrolling over 100,000 students. Degrees and certificates focus on a broad array of professional training, but not at the expense of a solid overall education. These community colleges prepare those who intend to enter the workforce with their associate degrees, as well as supporting those who intend to transfer to a four-year institution for a bachelor’s degree.

Tulsa Community College 6111 E Skelly Dr Tulsa +
Western Oklahoma State College 2801 N Main St Altus +

Independent Universities & Colleges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is home to 11 private nonprofit universities, as well as Bacone College, a private, nonprofit two-year college. All of these institutions are strongly affiliated with various denominations of Christianity. Oral Roberts University is the most nationally visible due to its alumni in high profile religious and political positions. The University of Tulsa is best regarded for its academic excellence, with its petroleum engineering department receiving particular recognition.

Tribal Colleges

There are four tribal colleges in Oklahoma, operated by the government, but only those who can prove Native American descent are granted admission. They include Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribal College, College of the Muscogee Nation, Comanche Nation College and Pawnee Nation College.

Oklahoma Post-Secondary School Spotlight

OCampus – Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University’s OCampus offers a diverse range of online credit and noncredit courses, along with a handful of online degree programs (all at Master’ level). Available programs include Master of Business Administration (MBA), M.S. in entrepreneurship, M.S. in telecommunications management, and a graduate certificate in sustainable business, among others. As an online school in Oklahoma, OCampus serves students of all types and with a variety of goals, including traditional and adult students. OSU online students can access all of these courses anywhere via OSU’s Online Classroom, which serves as both an online classroom and a collaborative community for students and instructors. Course materials may also be delivered via CD, DVD and even MP3, depending on the course. OSU wants its online students to succeed, so it extends access to many of the same support programs for traditional students to those enrolled in OCampus courses, such as advising, financial aid, study abroad and library services.

Prospective students can learn more all of their options by visiting OCampus online: http://ocampus.okstate.edu/

OU Outreach – University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma’s OU Outreach program is a shining example of how online learning makes higher education accessible to virtually anybody with a drive to succeed. According to its official website, OU Outreach is a “world renown,” Web-based continuing education program designed for working adults, military service members and anyone else looking for an online school in Oklahoma. Offering over 2,000 online courses, plus several 100 percent online degrees and certificates at undergraduate and graduate levels, OU Outreach boasts academically accredited professors, flexible scheduling and accelerated courses. Students can enroll in credit courses or non-credit personal enrichment courses.

Visit OU Outreach online to learn more about the program and its options: http://ououtreach.org/

University of Central Oklahoma

One of the state’s largest universities, UCO offers an extensive online learning program with several types of distance learning programs. Online courses can be completed completely online through UCO’s online learning system, while hybrid classes offer a mix of online- and classroom-based learning. Interactive video courses let students attend live-streamed lectures and interact with professors in real-time. Self-paced online courses allow students to work independently at their own pace under the supervision of an UCO faculty member. UCO is committed to ensuring all web-based courses are interactive, engaging, and of high quality—and it has drafted an online course quality policy to prove it. All online, hybrid and self-paced courses are reviewed carefully to ensure they comply with strict quality guidelines and are on par with face-to-face courses. All faculty teaching these courses must pass a certification course, ensuring they know how to teach just as effectively online as in the classroom.

Learn more UCOnline and browse its full course catalog here: http://www.uco.edu/academic-affairs/students/online-learning.asp

4 Year Online Colleges in Oklahoma

Search School Name
School Type
Degree Levels
11 Results
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Private not-for-profit 2201 Silver Lake Rd Bartlesville +
Langston University Public 102 Page Hall Langston +
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Public 1100 N Lindsay Oklahoma City +
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Public 100 Campus Dr Weatherford +
Oklahoma Baptist University Private not-for-profit 500 W University Shawnee +
Northwestern Oklahoma State University Public 709 Oklahoma Blvd Alva +
Rogers State University Public 1701 W Will Rogers Blvd Claremore +
Southeastern Oklahoma State University Public 1405 N 4th Ave Durant +
Southern Nazarene University Private not-for-profit 6729 NW 39th Expy Bethany +
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Best Online Colleges and Universities in Oklahoma

Best for Future Service Members

One of the distinguishing factors in Oklahoma’s higher education is the wide range of programs and schools that incorporate the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) program. Prospective students with a desire to serve their country will find an abundance of choices in online schools in Oklahoma. Whether you’re interested in Army, Navy, or Air Force, there’s an ROTC branch associated with a program of your liking. We’ve collected the best four-year, nonprofit programs that are distinctive in that they have at least two ROTC programs. The following Oklahoma programs deserve recognition for bringing together civic-minded opportunities with reasonable educational costs.

Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus$3,957 Norman Yes Yes Yes
Langston University$3,030 Langston Yes No Yes
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus$4,425 Stillwater Yes No Yes
Oklahoma Christian University$18,800 Edmond Yes No Yes
Southern Nazarene University$19,170 Bethany Yes No Yes

Best for Personal Attention

Online schools in Oklahoma produce many of the top-tier professionals and scholars serving in high-ranking roles across the nation and the world. Though some of the schools on our list have over 5,000 students, these nonprofit, four-year schools on our list strive to create and nurture strong student/faculty relationships. In both online and traditional settings, each class offered by these schools have less than 20 students per class for each faculty member, on average.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University 20 to 1 1,718$3,465 Public Goodwell
Southwestern Oklahoma State University 20 to 1 5,154$3,975 Public Weatherford
Mid-America Christian University 19 to 1 2,498$14,016 Private not-for-profit Oklahoma City
Southeastern Oklahoma State University 19 to 1 4,642$4,427 Public Durant
East Central University 19 to 1 4,646$3,608 Public Ada
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee 19 to 1 5,646$3,165 Public Okmulgee
Northeastern State University 19 to 1 9,600$3,750 Public Tahlequah
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City 19 to 1 11,513$2,587 Public Oklahoma City
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus 19 to 1 21,298$4,425 Public Stillwater
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus 18 to 1 22,939$3,957 Public Norman
Southwestern Christian University 17 to 1 739$13,275 Private not-for-profit Bethany
Northwestern Oklahoma State University 17 to 1 2,438$4,394 Public Alva
Bacone College 16 to 1 1,303$10,910 Private not-for-profit Muskogee
Oklahoma Baptist University 16 to 1 1,977$18,894 Private not-for-profit Shawnee
Southern Nazarene University 16 to 1 2,096$19,170 Private not-for-profit Bethany
Langston University 15 to 1 2,865$3,030 Public Langston
Oral Roberts University 15 to 1 2,973$20,862 Private not-for-profit Tulsa
Oklahoma Christian University 14 to 1 2,000$18,800 Private not-for-profit Edmond
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma 13 to 1 1,191$3,384 Public Chickasha
Oklahoma Wesleyan University 13 to 1 1,439$19,940 Private not-for-profit Bartlesville
Oklahoma City University 11 to 1 2,616$24,740 Private not-for-profit Oklahoma City
University of Tulsa 11 to 1 3,322$30,783 Private not-for-profit Tulsa
Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College 7 to 1 241$8,700 Private not-for-profit Moore
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center 7 to 1 1,119$3,957 Public Oklahoma City
Saint Gregorys University 6 to 1 849$18,680 Private not-for-profit Shawnee
Family of Faith College 3 to 1 25$5,250 Private not-for-profit Shawnee

Best for Women in Technology

Online schools in Oklahoma have a strong commitment to encouraging women in the technology and engineering fields, and this can be seen in the number of impressive programs with higher percentages of women enrolled. These online schools in Oklahoma have pioneered many unique ways to create educational environments where women are able to thrive. Some schools champion women mentors to guide incoming female students within the same technology degree programs, while others work diligently to promote healthy camaraderie. These supportive measures have created classroom ratios between men and women, in the engineering courses, that mimic percentages found in the general campus population. To find an online school in Oklahoma that keeps women in technology and engineering a priority, browse the list below.

Oklahoma State University-Main Campus$7,442 Stillwater 183 18,484 Public
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus$8,706 Norman 130 21,130 Public
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterN/A Oklahoma City 55 3,007 Public
University of Tulsa$33,095 Tulsa 51 3,703 Private Not for Profit
University of Central Oklahoma$5,092 Edmond 44 11,806 Public
Southeastern Oklahoma State University$5,060 Durant 40 3,045 Public
Northeastern State University$4,857 Tahlequah 20 6,057 Public
Oklahoma Christian University$18,800 Edmond 13 1,852 Private Not for Profit
Cameron University$4,770 Lawton 11 4,131 Public
Rogers State University$5,047 Claremore 10 2,907 Public
Oklahoma State University Center for Health SciencesN/A Tulsa 7 400 Public

Best Schools Fighting for Families

Family and children are at the heart of many social work programs offered by online schools in Oklahoma. These programs recognize the significance of social workers who understand the social and psychological needs of children and their families. In order to prepare their graduates for the demands of their future careers, these programs have developed unparalleled fieldwork opportunities and clinical offerings. With a focus on creating mature and professional graduates equipped with compassion and problem-solving skills, these courses have the highest expertise. Unsurprisingly, they consistently rank in the top schools for quality, reputation and academic opportunity. The very best of these online schools in Oklahoma are listed below, making your search for an outstanding family-focused social work program even easier.

University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Norman 294 230 64 $8,706 21,130
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Stillwater 93 55 38 $7,442 18,484
Northeastern State University Tahlequah 72 63 9 $4,857 6,057
University of Central Oklahoma Edmond 71 54 17 $5,092 11,806
East Central University Ada 32 27 5 $4,957 3,449
Northwestern Oklahoma State University Alva 21 21 $5,347 1,629
Southeastern Oklahoma State University Durant 20 15 5 $5,060 3,045
Oral Roberts University Tulsa 13 12 1 $21,576 2,748
University of Tulsa Tulsa 12 10 2 $33,095 3,703
Cameron University Lawton 11 9 2 $4,770 4,131
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Weatherford 10 9 1 $5,175 4,181
Langston University Langston 7 4 3 $4,255 2,168
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City 7 5 2 $27,500 2,964
Oklahoma Baptist University Shawnee 6 5 1 $20,796 1,668