Alabama K-12 Online Schools

Alabama is currently testing the waters with online K-12 schools, including two pilot high schools launched in 2013, and two additional schools – Pine County Virtual High School and Mobile County Public School System Envision Virtual School – scheduled to open in 2015. Alabama currently offers supplemental learning online for students in grades 6-12, but none for K-5 as of yet. In 2008, Alabama established an online learning requirement for K-12 students, only the second state in the nation to do so. Almost all K-12 online courses in Alabama are completed through the ACCESS Distance Learning system, and students can also take online courses for community college credit.

ACCESS Distance Learning 9 - 12 Montgomery Both Live/On-Demand Public (334) 242-9594

Alabama Online Colleges and Universities

Web-based courses and degree programs are available at many of Alabama’s four-year public universities, private universities, community colleges and technical colleges. Because these schools are accountable to the Alabama Commission of Higher Education, they are fully accredited. Some of the online schools in Alabama include The University of Alabama, Alabama State University, Auburn University at Montgomery and Lawson State Community College at Birmingham. There are also several for-profit, private institutions that offer online courses, certificates and degrees. However, these institutions are not governed by the Alabama Commission of Higher Education.

Community Colleges in Alabama

There are 25 comprehensive community colleges in the Alabama Community College System (ACCS), which is governed by the State Board of Education. The ACCS includes the Marion Military Institute, one of just five junior military colleges in the nation, as well as a workforce development initiative called the Alabama Technology Network (ATN). The ACCS serves roughly 300,000 students every year, including 100,000 credit course enrollees.

The ACCS has demonstrated a committed to accessibility. Campuses are spread across the state, conveniently accessible from virtually anywhere in Alabama. The ACCS also offers open enrollment, low tuition and a range of programs and services that remove barriers to entering college and the workplace.

Northwest-Shoals Community College 800 George Wallace Blvd Muscle Shoals +
Snead State Community College 102 Elder Street Boaz +

Technical Colleges in Alabama

Alabama also has three public technical colleges: Ingram State Technical College (ING), Reid State Technical College (REI) and Trenholm State Technical College (TRE).

Aside from Alabama’s extensive public, state-run education network, there are also 15 private colleges, universities and academies in the state. These institutions have their own governing bodies and are not accountable to the State Department of Education. From small religious schools to athletic academies, private colleges in Alabama offer prospective students even greater educational diversity.

Four-Year Universities in Alabama

There are 14 public four-year universities in Alabama, all of which offer reduced tuition for in-state residents. Known for excellence in academics and athletics, Alabama’s large four-year institutions are highly coveted destination schools for students across the country. These schools include Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Athens State University, Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, Jacksonville State University, The University of Alabama, Troy University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama in Huntsville, University of Montevallo, University of North Alabama, University of South Alabama and University of West Alabama.

Alabama’s private universities are equally dedicated to providing a quality education to their students. The private institutions in the state are Ambridge University, Birmingham Southern College, Concordia College, Faulkner University, Huntingdon College, Judson College, Miles College, Oakwood University, Samford University, Spring Hill College, Stillman College, Talladega College, Tuskegee University, United States Sports Academy and University of Mobile.

Whether students enroll in a public or private university, they get the tools they need to be successful in their chosen careers. Online schools in Alabama, as well as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, prepare students to work in a number of fields, including the biggest industries in the state. Alabama’s diverse economy includes top business sectors such as aerospace, automotive, biotech, chemical and steel.

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Alabama A & M University Public 4900 Meridian Street Normal +
University of Alabama at Birmingham Public Administration Bldg Suite 1070 Birmingham +
University of Alabama in Huntsville Public 301 Sparkman Dr Huntsville +
Heritage Christian University Private not-for-profit 3625 Helton Dr Florence +
Auburn University at Montgomery Public 7440 East Drive Montgomery +
Faulkner University Private not-for-profit 5345 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery +
The University of Alabama Public 739 University Blvd Tuscaloosa +
Oakwood University Private not-for-profit 7000 Adventist Blvd NW Huntsville +
Troy University Public University Avenue Troy +
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Spotlights of Online Colleges in Alabama

University of Alabama (Bama by Distance)

The University of Alabama is the largest university in the state and the flagship school in the public university system. Its groundbreaking distance learning program, Bama by Distance, allows students to earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral-level degrees online.

Bama by Distance is specifically designed for adult learners who have been out of high school for a few years. The students in these programs earn the same degrees as their on-campus counterparts. Students pay a flat, hourly tuition rate and are not subject to in-state or out-of-state tuition fees, no matter where they live. Federal financial aid is available, as are scholarships through the College of Continuing Studies.

Bama by Distance offers individual courses, as well as full degree programs, with special divisions for active military and veterans. For those pursuing full degrees, Bama by Distance has nearly a dozen options, including arts and sciences, commerce and business administration, communication and information sciences, education, engineering, high school programs, human environmental sciences, law, nursing and social work.

For more information, visit Bama by Distance’s online program page at

Auburn University (Auburn Online)

With more than 20,000 enrollees, Auburn University is one of the largest public online schools in Alabama. Auburn Online caters to a wide range of educational needs and student goals by offering not only undergrad and graduate programs, but also professional credit programs, such as training and certification courses. For those who want to learn a new skill or hobby, Auburn Online also offers personal enrichment programs, ranging from crafts to financial planning. Unique and comprehensive degree programs are available through their seven different colleges: agriculture, business, education, engineering, human sciences, liberal arts, and science and mathematics. Offerings for graduates have many of the same focuses, but also include architecture, design and construction.

Auburn University’s Biggio Center for Advanced Education works full-time to promote and enhance Auburn’s distance learning program. A unique and separate entity, the Biggio Center is a resource for students and one of the nation’s top academic development centers.

For more information about Auburn Online, visit For the Biggio Center’s Distance Learning program, visit

Calhoun Community College

John C. Calhoun Community College is the largest online school in Alabama’s vast community college network, offering more than 80 Web-based courses as well as a number of degrees and certificates, including associate degrees in general studies and business administration and certificates in software applications. In addition to offering full certificate and degree programs, Calhoun’s distance learning program allows students to accumulate credits that can be transferred to a four-year college or university.

Students have the option to take both Web-based courses and hybrid courses, in which the student receives a majority of education online, supplemented by some courses at a physical campus. Both hybrid and web-only courses cost the same as traditional, on-campus courses at Calhoun. Financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships and veterans’ aid may all be applied to tuition. Available courses include business, computer systems, technologies, nursing, health, fine arts, language and literature, social sciences, math and natural sciences.

Visit Calhoun’s distance learning website at>.

Alabama State University

Alabama State University is a historically African-American school that offers online classes through the learning management system Blackboard. This allows students to complete assignments and attend classes without ever entering a classroom.

Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus

Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus is among several online schools in Alabama that participate in the Electronic Campus program. Electronic Campus is a network established by the Southern Regional Education Board, which promotes distance learning at colleges and universities throughout the Southern United States.

Best Alabama Online Colleges

Best for Future Service Members

Alabama may be the heart of Dixie, but it’s also home to many colleges and degree tracks with ROTC programs. Students who prioritize service to their country will find many four-year degree granting, nonprofit institutions, including two ROTC programs. Whether the students chooses ROTC for the Army, Navy or Air Force, service opportunities are available while completing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Below are some online schools in Alabama that offer economical education opportunities to service-minded students.

Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
Auburn University$7,872 Auburn University Yes Yes Yes
Tuskegee University$18,100 Tuskegee Yes Yes Yes
Troy University$5,976 Troy Yes No Yes
University of South Alabama$6,360 Mobile Yes No Yes
University of Alabama at Birmingham$6,798 Birmingham Yes No Yes
Auburn University at Montgomery$7,500 Montgomery Yes No Yes
University of Montevallo$8,790 Montevallo Yes No Yes
The University of Alabama$9,200 Tuscaloosa Yes No Yes
Miles College$10,224 Fairfield Yes No Yes
Stillman College$13,548 Tuscaloosa Yes No Yes
Faulkner University$15,730 Montgomery Yes No Yes
University of Mobile$17,110 Mobile Yes No Yes
Huntingdon College$19,988 Montgomery Yes No Yes

Best for Personal Attention

If you’re looking for high-quality colleges and universities in the South, look no further than Alabama. Some online schools in Alabama feature a number of degree programs, while others focus on a specific field. No matter what their scholarly interest, students are typically seeking a strong, personalized education without overcrowding. The following Alabama colleges enroll more than 4,000 students, but have average classroom sizes of fewer than 20 students per instructor. These nonprofit, four-year schools boast the best student-teacher ratios in the state.

University of North Alabama 20 to 1 7,260$5,328 Public Florence
Jacksonville State University 20 to 1 9,671$7,950 Public Jacksonville
Alabama A & M University 19 to 1 4,582$5,592 Public Normal
Troy University 19 to 1 25,182$5,976 Public Troy
The University of Alabama 19 to 1 28,718$9,200 Public Tuscaloosa
Stillman College 18 to 1 1,201$13,548 Private not-for-profit Tuscaloosa
University of Alabama at Birmingham 18 to 1 12,962$6,798 Public Birmingham
Auburn University 18 to 1 21,429$7,872 Public Auburn University
University of West Alabama 17 to 1 2,454$6,170 Public Livingston
University of Montevallo 17 to 1 2,785$8,790 Public Montevallo
Athens State University 17 to 1 4,690$4,590 Public Athens
Alabama State University 17 to 1 5,541$6,312 Public Montgomery
Auburn University at Montgomery 16 to 1 5,424$7,500 Public Montgomery
Selma University 15 to 1 610$5,640 Private not-for-profit Selma
Faulkner University 15 to 1 3,637$15,730 Private not-for-profit Montgomery
University of Alabama in Huntsville 15 to 1 6,983$8,794 Public Huntsville
Southeastern Bible College 14 to 1 211$11,700 Private not-for-profit Birmingham
United States Sports Academy 14 to 1 233$11,880 Private not-for-profit Daphne
Huntingdon College 14 to 1 1,339$19,988 Private not-for-profit Montgomery
Miles College 14 to 1 1,967$10,224 Private not-for-profit Fairfield
Oakwood University 14 to 1 2,130$14,530 Private not-for-profit Huntsville
Birmingham Southern College 13 to 1 1,354$29,600 Private not-for-profit Birmingham
Spring Hill College 13 to 1 1,488$27,670 Private not-for-profit Mobile
University of Mobile 13 to 1 1,781$17,110 Private not-for-profit Mobile
Talladega College 12 to 1 939$10,175 Private not-for-profit Talladega
Tuskegee University 12 to 1 2,721$18,100 Private not-for-profit Tuskegee
Amridge University 11 to 1 522$7,380 Private not-for-profit Montgomery
Samford University 11 to 1 3,096$24,570 Private not-for-profit Birmingham
Huntsville Bible College 10 to 1 131$3,120 Private not-for-profit Huntsville
Judson College 9 to 1 388$14,200 Private not-for-profit Marion
Heritage Christian University 4 to 1 82$8,952 Private not-for-profit Florence

Best for Women in Technology

Many online schools in Alabama work hard at creating an educational environment where women in the technology and engineering fields can flourish. We’ve compiled the very best of these programs and listed them below. These are colleges where women earning technology degrees can learn in classrooms with the same gender ratio as the rest of the campus body. Some of these Alabama colleges further ensure female students’ success by offering mentorships, all-women residence halls and centers dedicated to women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best Alabama colleges for women to earn their technology and engineering degrees.

Auburn University$9,446 Auburn University 203 21,286 Public
University of Alabama at Birmingham$6,798 Birmingham 126 11,664 Public
University of Alabama in Huntsville$8,794 Huntsville 87 4,997 Public
The University of Alabama$9,200 Tuscaloosa 87 27,295 Public
University of West Alabama$7,320 Livingston 82 4,637 Public
University of South Alabama$6,660 Mobile 51 11,372 Public
Alabama A & M University$7,182 Normal 30 4,235 Public
Tuskegee University$18,900 Tuskegee 22 3,060 Private Not for Profit
Jacksonville State University$6,360 Jacksonville 15 6,423 Public
Samford University$25,150 Birmingham 11 4,280 Private Not for Profit
Alabama State University$7,932 Montgomery 7 4,600 Public
Oakwood University$15,414 Huntsville 6 1,846 Private Not for Profit
Athens State UniversityN/A Athens 6 1,518 Public

Best Fighting for Families

Alabama values the health of families, and this can be seen in the state’s exceptional college programs dedicated to this branch of social work. Online schools in Alabama prepare graduates to assist in mental health facilities, schools, hospitals and anywhere children and families receive professional care. This training involves the very best in fieldwork, classes, clinical settings and experiential learning. Scholarship and fellowship assistance make these comprehensive programs affordable pursuits. In comparing Alabama colleges, we’ve looked at rankings, reputation, academic opportunities and other advantages and posted the results in the list below. These highlighted programs are the leading social work programs in Alabama for those interested in helping families.

The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa 262 237 25 $9,200 27,295
Jacksonville State University Jacksonville 139 87 52 $6,360 6,423
University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham 95 71 24 $6,798 11,664
Troy University Troy 92 81 11 $6,844 12,411
Alabama A & M University Normal 72 67 5 $7,182 4,235
Auburn University Auburn University 65 45 20 $9,446 21,286
Alabama State University Montgomery 62 50 12 $7,932 4,600
University of North Alabama Florence 47 37 10 $6,528 5,313
University of Montevallo Montevallo 35 24 11 $9,280 2,445
University of South Alabama Mobile 35 29 6 $6,660 11,372
Miles College Fairfield 18 16 2 $11,014 1,523
Tuskegee University Tuskegee 18 13 5 $18,900 3,060
University of West Alabama Livingston 12 9 3 $7,320 4,637
Oakwood University Huntsville 10 9 1 $15,414 1,846
Talladega College Talladega 9 7 2 $11,492 647
University of Alabama in Huntsville Huntsville 9 9 $8,794 4,997
Athens State University Athens 8 7 1 N/A 1,518
University of Mobile Mobile 7 5 2 $18,080 1,357
Samford University Birmingham 5 3 2 $25,150 4,280
Auburn University at Montgomery Montgomery 5 5 $8,150 3,264