Nestled in the Northwest corner of the United States, Oregon brings to mind beautiful nature, the rugged outdoors, and even its eponymous trail for many Americans. It can also be associated with an extensive and highly regarded college system, with many online options to meet the needs and budgetary requirements of every student.

The state prioritizes higher education, especially educational accessibility, which is clearly seen in the state’s online offerings. Online schools in Oregon allow students to complete courses and, at times, full degrees from anywhere they can access a computer and Internet. Many of the universities, career schools and community colleges have adopted some form of Web-based learning, though each offering varies. These programs make higher education more accessible and convenient but potential students should thoroughly research all programs available in order to ensure it matches goals and needs.

Online schools in Oregon are committed to supporting students seeking to complete their education by removing barriers such as time commitments, limited mobility or residing in a remote area. Additionally, the state recently enacted a pilot program that would allow students to attend without paying tuition up front; instead, students would pay three percent of their future earnings into a special account for 24 years.

Online Schools in Oregon

Online education is an ever-growing option, and online schools in Oregon are helping lead the way. Schools in the state offer many online programs, giving students the option to complete anything from one class to an entire program online. OSU’s Ecampus gives students access to 35 degrees and programs that can be completed from anywhere in the world. In 2014, U.S. News & World Report ranked it the Best Online Bachelor’s Program. At the University of Oregon, over 4,000 of their students take at least one course online. Working professionals looking to advance their career may be interested in George Fox’s hybrid doctor of business administration program. Courses are completed primarily online, but students also come to Portland twice yearly for in-person sessions.

State Schools in Oregon

Oregon is home to seven public universities offering diverse options to meet every student’s goals, including early options for high school students, transfer programs, online learning, international opportunities, internships and an accelerated baccalaureate program. With a commitment to providing lots of options, the state government has set a goal that by 2025, 40 percent of Oregon residents will have an associate degree or meaningful post-secondary certificate, and 40 percent will hold a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

Community Colleges in Oregon

There are 17 community colleges with over 60 campuses in Oregon, allowing students to pursue education no matter their location. Those seeking to transfer to four-year programs earn the same grade point average as their peers, and many of the community colleges have partnerships with state schools, allowing them to complete many lower level courses at around half the price of Oregon’s public universities. Degree options are wide ranging and run the gamut from liberal arts to career and technical program, falling into six categories: agriculture, food, and natural resources; arts, information, and communications; business and management; health services; human resources; and industrial and engineering systems.

Private Nonprofit Colleges In Oregon

Oregon has over 25 private nonprofit colleges for students looking to branch out beyond the public university system. With law and professional schools, undergraduate and graduate programs, and online learning options, these schools can meet nearly any educational need. Though typically more expensive than their public counterparts, many of Oregon’s private schools have strong financial aid offerings.

Oregon Online School and Program Spotlights

Portland State University

PSU provides student a varied offering of what it calls “highly interactive” online programs, including both undergraduate and graduate opportunities. As one of the preeminent online schools in Oregon, the university has many different departments participating in online learning, including The Graduate School of Education, School of Social Work, College of Urban Public Affairs, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the School of Business Administration. PSU Online courses exist as both purely Web and hybrid courses. While most can be completed wholly online, for students studying hands-on or lab-intensive disciplines there is an option to complete this portion on campus. Non-residents will need to make sure this online school in Oregon approves their state of residence. According to PSU’s website, students in Arkansas and Minnesota are not currently able to enroll in online learning.

To learn more about PSU Online, visit:

California State University East Bay

California State University East Bay offers a number of online degree and certificate programs, as well as continuing education courses, for students who are unable to come to campus on a regular basis. Online students can choose from undergraduate degree programs in business administration or women’s studies. Online graduate-level programs are available in education, education leadership and health care administration. In addition to degree options, Cal State East Bay also offers certificate programs for academic credit or continuing education (CEU) credit in subjects such as online teaching and learning, pharmacy technician, and medical terminology.

For more information on distance learning options at Cal State East Bay, visit

University of Oregon

Offering it’s first online course in 1996, this online school in Oregon has led the way for mainstream distance learning. The program has grown significantly since that time, and students are able to enroll in online courses covering a wide spectrum of disciplines. Even prospective students not admitted to UO can take up to eight online classes, thanks to the Community Education Program. Students access online content through a Web-based, collaborative online learning platform. Though OU does not currently offer any 100 percent online undergraduate degrees, students seeking graduate programs do have the option of a MS in applied information management. Some courses may require students to take exams in person, though most can be administered in approved testing centers nationwide.

Visit UO’s Distance Education site to learn more about the school’s online learning options:

Oregon State University

OSU offers perhaps the most comprehensive online learning program in the state. Students can complete undergraduate, graduate and even postgraduate degrees and certificates online or take advantage of its more than 900 online courses in more than 80 academic areas. Students majoring in areas less adaptable to online learning (for example, lab-based sciences) can complete at least some of their hands-on courses online. OSU notes that many of its online programs have won national recognition: U.S. News & World Report and SuperScholar, for example, have consistently ranked OSU’s online programs among the best in the nation. OSU’s Ecampus is also made unique by its extensive offering of Web-based support services designed specifically for online students, including full remote access to the OSU Libraries, student success counseling and career services. Ecampus even offers free, 24 hour online tutoring.

You can learn more about Oregon State University’s Ecampus—and take a virtual tour of its online learning platform—by visiting


Best Online Schools in Oregon for Future Service Members

Oregon boasts many fantastic universities, but for students interested in serving their country, there are even more opportunities. Oregon has an array of schools that are connected to Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) programs. The prospective undergraduate or graduate student has the choice of Army, Navy, or Air Force branches without having to sacrifice a strong education. Below is a comprehensive list of all of the non-profit, four-year universities that in addition, have at least two ROTC programs. The following Oregon schools deserve recognition for appreciating the benefits of merging affordable education with service to one’s country.

Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
Oregon State University$6,660 Corvallis Yes Yes Yes

Best Online Schools in Oregon for Personal Attention

Online schools in Oregon, including four-year colleges and universities, offer many of the same programs but vary in academic excellence, setting and college experience. The non-profit schools on our list get extra credit for maintaining an excellent student/faculty ratio of less than 20 to 1. These schools are able to provide a rich college experience with 5,000 students or more that still feels intimate.

Concordia University-Portland 20 to 1 1,408$25,900 Private not-for-profit Portland
Southern Oregon University 20 to 1 7,068$5,771 Public Ashland
Oregon Institute of Technology 19 to 1 5,183$6,382 Public Klamath Falls
Western Oregon University 19 to 1 6,159$7,080 Public Monmouth
Multnomah University 16 to 1 661$20,990 Private not-for-profit Portland
Linfield College-Adult Degree Program 15 to 1 740$11,070 Private not-for-profit McMinnville
Corban University 15 to 1 1,107$25,976 Private not-for-profit Salem
George Fox University 13 to 1 2,345$29,900 Private not-for-profit Newberg
University of Portland 13 to 1 3,639$35,120 Private not-for-profit Portland
Northwest Christian University 12 to 1 539$24,780 Private not-for-profit Eugene
Linfield College-McMinnville Campus 12 to 1 1,776$34,000 Private not-for-profit McMinnville
Lewis & Clark College 12 to 1 2,285$39,970 Private not-for-profit Portland
University of Western States 11 to 1 122$ Private not-for-profit Portland
New Hope Christian College 10 to 1 187$12,360 Private not-for-profit Eugene
Reed College 10 to 1 1,492$44,200 Private not-for-profit Portland
Pacific University 10 to 1 1,678$34,460 Private not-for-profit Forest Grove
Willamette University 10 to 1 2,269$40,560 Private not-for-profit Salem
Linfield College-Nursing & Health Sciences 9 to 1 446$34,000 Private not-for-profit Portland
Birthingway College of Midwifery 8 to 1 114$16,764 Private not-for-profit Portland
Pacific Northwest College of Art 8 to 1 555$28,866 Private not-for-profit Portland
Oregon College of Art and Craft 7 to 1 151$23,500 Private not-for-profit Portland
Oregon Health & Science University 7 to 1 910$11,556 Public Portland
Marylhurst University 5 to 1 1,195$18,945 Private not-for-profit Marylhurst
Mount Angel Seminary 4 to 1 85$12,963 Private not-for-profit Saint Benedict

Best Online Schools in Oregon for Women in Tech

Online schools in Oregon are excellent options for women seeking an education in technology, given the large number of top tier universities and colleges. Many of the schools offering technology-focused degree programs also boast a high ratio of female students. In 2013, the state announced a seven-year high in technology jobs with the tech industry providing 10 percent of all of Oregon’s job gains. There are also regional meetings and groups for women in field. Here is a list of the best tech degree programs for women in the state.

Oregon State University$8,138 Corvallis 133 20,204 Public
Oregon Institute of Technology$7,852 Klamath Falls 83 2,128 Public
Portland State University$7,653 Portland 72 17,316 Public
University of Portland$37,404 Portland 24 3,457 Private Not for Profit
Oregon Health & Science UniversityN/A Portland 9 1,504 Public
Northwest Christian University$24,780 Eugene 9 494 Private Not for Profit
Western Oregon University$8,529 Monmouth 6 4,924 Public

Best Online Schools in Oregon Fighting for Families

With some of the top programs in the nation, online schools in Oregon are an excellent choice for students who would like to help others through social work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment in the field will increase by 25 percent in the decade ending in 2020. Some social workers are trained to help others manage their day-to-day lives, while others diagnose mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Social workers often have a BSW, or bachelor’s degree in social work, or degrees in psychology or sociology. Some social workers, such as those who diagnose mental illness, must have a master’s degree in the field.

Portland State University Portland 332 272 60 $7,653 17,316
University of Oregon Eugene 287 164 123 $9,310 21,895
Oregon State University Corvallis 75 32 43 $8,138 20,204
Lewis & Clark College Portland 50 42 8 $40,330 3,083
University of Portland Portland 34 24 10 $37,404 3,457
Willamette University Salem 30 22 8 $40,874 2,739
Southern Oregon University Ashland 25 22 3 $7,109 4,101
Pacific University Forest Grove 21 13 8 $35,260 3,038
George Fox University Newberg 20 17 3 $30,230 2,264
Concordia University-Portland Portland 14 11 3 $26,650 2,055
Warner Pacific College Portland 11 10 1 $19,030 1,663
Linfield College-McMinnville Campus McMinnville 10 9 1 $34,328 1,692
Reed College Portland 9 7 2 $44,460 1,422
Western Oregon University Monmouth 7 6 1 $8,529 4,924