LPN Programs in Maryland

With 73 hospitals and countless other healthcare facilities throughout the state, LPNs in Maryland are in demand for a number of roles. Maryland LPN jobs are expected to grow nearly 12 percent by 2022, with an estimated 1,500 positions being added to the 13,000 already in existence. Salaries for LPNs in Maryland are slightly above the national average, making the state a promising destination to earn an education and start a nursing career.

Colleges from Baltimore to Cumberland feature accredited LPN programs that are training the state’s next wave of practical nurses. On this page, prospective students can find the top-rated LPN schools in Maryland and explore program details. Maryland LPN licensure requirements, salary information, and metro areas with the best job prospects are also covered at length.

Top 10 LPN Programs in Maryland

Rank School Location
1 Carroll Community College Westminster, MD
2 Frederick Community College Frederick, MD
3 Hagerstown Community College Hagerstown, MD
4 Wor-Wic Community College Salisbury, MD
5 Washington Adventist University Takoma Park, MD
6 Allegany College of Maryland Cumberland, MD
7 Cecil College North East, MD
8 Harford Community College Bel Air, MD
9 Howard Community College Columbia, MD
10 Baltimore City Community College Baltimore, MD

Top Online Programs

Top LPN Programs in Maryland


  • Methodology +

    Lpn Programs

    The top LPN programs listed in this state’s ranking were determined by comparison of three primary, equally-weighted criteria including

    • Student-to-faculty ratio
    • In-state tuition
    • Graduation rate

    Additional details for each school were included:

    • Count of programs available
    • Public and not-for-profit schools
    • Normalized on a 100 percent curve

    The methodology used for tie-break is as follows…

    • Ties are broken based on lowest average net price for full-time, first-time undergraduates paying in-state tuition (average cost of tuition and expenses after grants and scholarships).
    • If necessary, the lowest in-state tuition rate is used as a second tie-break

  1. Carroll Community College

    Westminster, MD

  2. Frederick Community College

    Frederick, MD

  3. Hagerstown Community College

    Hagerstown, MD

  4. Wor-Wic Community College

    Salisbury, MD

  5. Washington Adventist University

    Takoma Park, MD

  6. Allegany College of Maryland

    Cumberland, MD

  7. Cecil College

    North East, MD

  8. Harford Community College

    Bel Air, MD

  9. Howard Community College

    Columbia, MD

  10. Baltimore City Community College

    Baltimore, MD

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How to Find the Right LPN Program in Maryland

The path to becoming a licensed practical nurse in Maryland begins with the proper education and training. To get started on the right foot, use the search tool below to explore the various LPN programs throughout the state. Aspiring LPNs can view a side-by-side comparison of their top selections or browse through schools by the factors that are most important to them.

[School Searches]

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How to Become Licensed as a Maryland LPN

For those who seek a career in nursing, becoming an LPN is the quickest way to do so. Maryland requires one year of classes plus hands-on experience. Find out what other requirements must be met to become an LPN in Maryland.

Basic Eligibility

Before enrolling in a state-approved certificate program, prospective candidates should first ensure they meet these basic requirements for eligibility:

  • Are at least 17 years of age
  • Can show proof of American citizenship or alien registration
  • Have a recent passport-style photograph

Education & Training Requirements

To become a fully licensed LPN in Maryland, students must first attend a state-approved academic program and complete clinical hours during their educations. Once the one-year degree has been completed, students must fill out the Board of Nursing’s application for licensure by examination and successfully pass the NCLEX-PN examination at a nearby Pearson Vue testing center.

Applications for licensure can either be completed online or by mail, depending on the candidate’s preference.

Additional Requirements for Licensure

In addition to the mandates listed above, prospective LPNs must also complete a few other requirements in order to be fully licensed in Maryland. These include:

  • Competing CPR training and present CPR card with application
  • Successfully passing state and FBI fingerprinting ($34.50)
  • Showing proof of a clean criminal history records check


Maryland-based LPNs must renew their licenses on a biennial rotation according to their birth date. Renewals may be completed online provided those seeking renewal have a valid email address. Depending on the date when a previous license renewal was issued, some LPNs may need to complete a criminal background check as this law is relatively new to the state. Nurses must also show proof of 1,000 hours of practice or complete a board-approved refresher course every five years.

Average Salary for Maryland-Based LPNs

With a statewide median wage of $50,030, Maryland-based LPNs earn significantly more than the national average. Earning potential can vary greatly depending on whether an LPN is new or a seasoned veteran.

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Top Paying Metropolitan Areas


Maryland LPN Employment Trends

With both metropolitan and rural areas spread throughout Maryland, prospective LPNs can choose to work anywhere. Maryland regions that saw the most growth in 2014 are listed below:

Top Locations for Employment

AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick Metropolitan Division2,700
Hagerstown-Martinsburg MD-WV730
Upper Eastern Shore nonmetropolitan area290
AreaTotal Employment (2014)
Cumberland MD-WV210
St. Mary’s County Maryland nonmetropolitan area170
Garrett County Maryland nonmetropolitan area70

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Employment of LPNs in Maryland
2012 – 12,750
2022 – 14,250
Average Annual Openings 460

Source: Projections Central

Additional Resources

A Guide to Nursing Education in Maryland
This overview, provided by the Maryland Board of Nursing, is a comprehensive guide answering a number of questions prospective nurses have about the field.

Approved Nurse Refresher Courses in Maryland
Every five years, LPNs must complete a state-approved nursing refresher course to successfully renew their licenses. MBON provides a comprehensive list of available courses.

Criminal History Records Check
As of 2006, all candidates for LPN licensure in Maryland must submit to and successfully pass a criminal history records check. Details about this step are outlined on the MBON website.

Initial License Application
Prospective LPN candidates applying for licensure in Maryland for the first time use this application to complete their request.

Licensure by Endorsement Requirements
Nurses who practiced in a state that isn’t part of the Nurse Licensure Compact can complete an online endorsement form to have their license verified to practice in Maryland.

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
In cooperation with the Office of Workforce Information and Performance, MDLLR provides an up-to-date look at occupational and industry data within the state, including relevant information about licensed practical nursing roles.

Maryland Hospital Association
New LPNs can use the MHA website to learn about healthcare within the state and scout out prospective jobs.

Maryland Licensed Practical Nurses Association
This member-based organization is open to practicing LPNs within the state and offers an annual conference and membership meeting alongside other member initiatives.

Maryland Nursing Education & Scholarships
A number of free online training courses are provided on this website, alongside information about scholarships and financial aid for students considering an LPN program.

Maryland Nurses Association
MNA offers a variety of helpful resources, education information, advocacy efforts, and events to its members.

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