Alaska Nursing Schools

In order to address the state’s nurse shortage, nursing schools in Alaska are working to attract more students to their programs. For example, the University of Alaska Anchorage has updated its admission process to shorten the waitlist time for its competitive bachelor’s degree in nursing program. In addition, the school has added a doctoral degree program to help train those interested in advanced practice nursing. Review the Alaska schools listed below to find a nursing program that matches your career goals.

  School Tuition
Tuition for in-state undergrads at the campus location
Student Population School Type Nursing Programs

University of Alaska Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska
$5,494 17,151 Public 6
$5,901 2,989 Public 2

Nurse Licensure in Alaska

After completing nursing school, the next hurdle is the licensing process. Although all states mandate that nurses obtain a license in order to work, every state has its own unique requirements. In Alaska, the Alaska Board of Nursing is charged with issuing nursing licenses and ensuring that these professionals – and the field, in general – adhere to state regulations. In addition, this agency is responsible for reviewing patient complaints against nurses and managing disciplinary action if needed.

Below is helpful information on initial licensure requirements and the renewal process for nurses in the state of Alaska:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Successfully complete a Board-approved accredited nursing degree program
  • Send a completed application, which has been signed and notarized, along with a passport-sized photograph to the Board
  • Submit a check for $275 payable to the State of Alaska
  • Complete the Nursing Program Verification form and arrange to have official nursing school transcripts sent directly to the Board
  • Obtain a fingerprint card in order to undergo a criminal background check
  • Register for and successfully pass the NCLEX examination
  • Those who hold a license from another state can apply for an Alaska license by endorsement

Renewing an RN License in Alaska

Nurses in Alaska are required to renew their license every even numbered year, and deadline is November 30 for registered nurses. However, those who received their license within 90 days of the renewal date are exempt for that cycle.

The renewal fee for nursing licenses is $175. However, professionals who received their license within one year of the renewal period pay half that amount.

In addition, nurses must complete the state’s continued competency requirements, which include taking continuing education courses, participating in professional activities approved by the Board, and working at least 320 hours.

Licensing Requirements for Alaska Advanced Practice Nurses

Like registered nurses, advanced practice nurses in Alaska are required to hold a state license in order to practice. In addition to meeting the requirements for registered nurses, advanced practice nurses must provide proof of their advanced education, particularly coursework in pharmacology, drug therapy, and clinical management. Those who want to work as nurse anesthetists are required to provide proof of certification in that area.

Alaska Nursing Stats: RNs and APRNs

Partly due to retiring nurses and an increase in patients with health coverage, job opportunities for nurses around the country are expected to increase 16 percent between 2014 and 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like other states, Alaska is going to see a rise in opportunities for registered nurses, as well as specialized advanced practice nurses.

Top-Paying Areas for RNs in Alaska

Area Hourly Median Wage Annual Median Wage
Fairbanks $46.75 $97,250
Anchorage $41.43 $86,180
Southeast Alaska nonmetropolitan area $38.75 $80,590
Railbelt / Southwest Alaska nonmetropolitan area $38.19 $79,440

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Alaska vs. National Numbers

  • Alaska
  • National
  • Annual salary (25th percentile)
  • Annual salary (median)
  • Annual Salary (75th percentile)

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Total Employment (2014)
2022 occupational outlook
Avg. annual openings (2012 – 2022)

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 and Projections Central

Resources for Alaska Nurses

Alaska Board of Nursing

Alaska’s nurses receive their licenses through the Alaska Board of Nursing. The Board is also tasked with investigating complaints against nurses and administering disciplinary actions.

Alaska Emergency Nurses Association

The Alaska Emergency Nurses Association works to identify, and find solutions for, issues in the emergency nursing field in the state. Members of the association can take advantage of continuing education courses, professional events, and newsletters.

Alaska Nurses Association

The Alaska Nurses Association supports nurses around the state by offering continuing education, community events, and research grants. In addition, the association keeps members abreast of what’s going on in the field, including information on state legislation that affects nursing practice.

Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association

Nurse practitioners and those who are studying to become nurse practitioners can join the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association, which is designed to address the unique needs of this nursing area. The organization provides job listings, networking events, and education for these professionals.

Alaska Professional Nurses Organization

The Alaska Professional Nurses Organization promotes quality health care by supporting nurses from different backgrounds around the state, whether they work in cities or rural areas. The organization provides learning and networking opportunities, as well as a quarterly newsletter.